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The dining room is the hub of the dinner party. The spot for holiday dinners, family get-togethers, game night, or a simple romantic evening. The dining room may be considered the most elegant, sophisticated room in the house. Here is some advice on how to make yours elegant, cozy, or simply, enjoyable.


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FAQs About How To Design A Dining Rooms

What sort of lighting should I put in my dining room?

When choosing a light for your dining room, you need to determine what sort of emotion you are hoping to provoke from the room. You also need to consider the rest of your house’s décor and try to tie the room into your already set theme.

Since a dining room can be multipurpose, you should try to layer lighting to serve those various purposes. A chandelier or a pendant are both great options for a romantic evening, but they do not create adequate lighting for homework doing or bill paying.

Recessed lighting is the best option for those activities. If you would like to throw in a bonus, you can add a dimmer to these lights so even they may be adjusted too. Then layer on top of the recess lighting with whatever accent lighting fits your needs.

How do I choose a chandelier?

A pendant, chandelier, or circular multi-pendant light fixture are ideal for a circular table whereas a linear suspension would work best over a dining room table with a rectangular shape.

Whatever option you choose, make sure you create a pleasant symmetry and options of soft lighting. Anything too harsh in the dining room can create a glare and make guests uncomfortable.

The chandelier size should be proportional to the dining room table rather than the room. The appropriate size of a chandelier is to choose one with a diameter of ½ to 2/3 the width of the dining room table.

What should I do with the walls of my dining room?

Walls in a dining room can always be a tough decision in the decorating process, but fortunately, there are many option for how you can dress up your walls.

You can create a gallery wall using a large collection of art or photographs. You can change up the size or design of the frames and even the color.

A large mirror can create a focal point for your dining room. If this area tends to be small, a mirror is great solution to making the space feel bigger.

Graphic wallpaper is fitting for a more traditional dining room and can be a great way to make the room seem tied together and quite grand. Make sure your choice is not too loud or busy as that can be distracting during a quiet dinner or homework time.

What colors are best for my dining room?

When choosing a color palate for your dining room, think bold and think dramatic. This is an area where special events take place, so make sure the walls are demonstrative of such an atmosphere.

What sort of furniture is best for my dining room?

Before choosing which sort of furniture best fits your dining room, you should decide which layout best fits the purpose of this room.

If you would like a more formal dining room, you are looking for a traditional layout favoring comfort and providing an inviting ambiance. You want your guests to be able to sink into their seats after enjoying a nice, filling meal.

You should choose a dining room table that is large and rectangular, making it the centerpiece of the room. You can select an option with extendable leaves to fit even larger crowds. Choose smaller side chairs and larger, grander chairs for the heads of the table. To finish the room, you can add a bookshelf or two along the side as well as a server.

If you are aiming for a more casual dining room that is getting everyday use, consider a round table. The round table creates a cozier atmosphere that provides a greater sense of “family dining”. The chairs for this sort of table should not contain arms and should be more slender in build to avoid crowding one another.

In this room, you can place a buffet to one side and add a bench for perching. You can put some standing lamps in the corners and a small drinks table.

This is set up is for entertaining a cocktail party as well as a family dinner! People may come and go as they please if you have a party with heavy apps. Or if there is ever an occasion needing a place for a game night, you have the perfect spot!


If you are simply looking to redecorate or add a bit of “newness” to your dining room, here are some tips to help you.

Chairs- If you are hoping to update your chairs, you don’t need to run to the furniture store and purchase new ones. You can go for a much more simple solution by adding a slipcover to chair. You can choose a fun color, bold pattern, or even provide a sophisticated look of decorating the slipcover with your monogram.

Collections- Dining rooms are an exhibit room for any of your collections (maybe not baseball cards). You can use vertical shelving to display your collection of favorite dishes. In a more old-fashioned dining room, you could display your collection of porcelain dolls (but make sure to reassure your guest they are not in a horror movie).

Ceiling- Try not to forget your fifth wall! Many dining rooms use the chandelier and dining room table as a focal point, but you can draw the eye upward even further by decorating your ceiling with paint or architectural details. Wallpaper is also a great way to add design to your fifth wall.

If you want to make your dining room feel extremely tall and grand, you can place mirrors on the ceiling. This will make the room feel immense and anyone looking up will feel small in the reflection of such a large room.

Decorate the table– With the dining room table being the focal point of the room, you can create grand centerpieces for every day decoration. Although you don’t want something brushing the chandelier, this is a place where more can be more.

If you have a rectangular dining room table, make sure to create symmetry by balancing the centerpiece on either side with matching candles. Just make sure you remove these pieces during actual dinners or your guest won’t be able to see who they are speaking to!

Patterns– If it hasn’t been said enough, the dining room is a place that can be bold and it can be loud. Your patterns can be loud too! It is okay to consider a chair with a bold upholstery placed on top of an area rug with a loud pattern. Just balance the room with a more simple paint color. Easy enough!

Wine storage– If you have a large wine collection, pull it out of the cellar, build some ornate shelving and place it in your dining room. The peak of an Old-World, sophisticated dining room feel is to have your expensive, immense wine collection displayed for all to admire.

Plants- Bring your room to life by incorporating houseplants. You can place a small tree in the corner of the room or add vases to various ledges throughout the room. An excellent idea for a centerpiece is a beautiful, bountiful display of flowers.


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