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Your entryway is the first piece of your house for you and your guests to judge and marvel over. Because this space is not one we spend much time in, it can often be overlooked. However, by giving this area a little extra attention- you can set the theme for your entire home.


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FAQs About How To Design A Entries and Foyers

How can I make my foyer attractive?

You can create an eye-catching foyer by using contrasting light and dark colors. Dark accents draw the eye and are balanced by a soothing, lighter background. You don’t want your foyer to be blinding, and you also don’t want it to be gloomy.

Make sure the dark accents you choose are bold colors. Consider what sort of hues are more inviting to a guest.

A runner can draw a guest further into your home. It draws the eye back and invites someone to step inside. Make sure the front door can open freely without catching on the runner. If you do choose to go with a runner, make sure the material is washable and able to withstand moisture and dirt.

This is an area you can spruce up and give extra attention to small details such as decorative molding.

What should I do about the ceiling?

If your foyer has an extremely tall ceiling, consider decorating the ceiling with a pattern or wallpaper. This draws the eye up and it makes the space feel even bigger than it is.

What sort of lighting should I have in my foyer?

In a foyer, you can spruce up your lighting with an elegant chandelier or a beautiful pendant. This should be suspended six feet and eight inches above the floor. If this is hung much higher, you can lose the visual effect whereas if this is hung much lower, you can make the space seem short and crowded.

A table lamp can also cast a warm inviting glow. Make sure the lamp’s base is slim otherwise it can seem misplaced in this smaller space.

You can place fairy lights along the stairs. This draws the eye and the visitor back into the house and create an element of mystery, too.

What should I do for flooring?

If your foyer is a little drab, you can trade in the traditional hardwood floors for an unexpected pattern. This immediately stimulates the guest and it encourages flow while directing your guest further into your home.

A low-cost option to covering the flooring in your entryway can be to use a peel and stick vinyl wallpaper. This is a great option for renters who want to add style to their foyer.

The downside to updating this way is the durability. Although vinyl wallpapers are somewhat water resistant and can be wiped clean, try to encourage visitors to wipe of their shoes on your welcome mat!

Should my stairs be taken into consideration when redecorating my foyers?

Yes! Paint your stairs a deep, vibrant color. Using a dark tone will camouflage any scuff marks. Stair runners are an option to make your stairway more elegant. However, keep in mind if you have pets or children, you might want to make sure the runner is securely fashioned to the stairs.

How should I decorate the walls of my entryway?

You want to engage visitors by creating an eye-catching wall display and immediately stimulating conversations. Mirrors are a great way to decorate the walls of a foyer. This can make a dark wall especially dramatic by reflecting the light.

Mirrors also create an illusion that the foyer is a larger space than it is by visually expanding the area. Consider geometric mirrors to add to the height of your space or elongate the room.

You can decorate the walls with family pieces, too. This can be a display of photographs, post cards, and various other forms of family memorabilia.

If you prefer a more simplistic design, you can place a solid, floating shelf as opposed to a table, at table height. The horizontal nature of the shelf draws the eye and a person into your home and it creates a place for you to leave your keys and wallet.

Should there be storage in my foyer?

If you have children, you can neaten up the entryway through a bench with built in storage. This is a great way to store shoes, hats, and gloves. You maintain order for coats and bags through a rack attached to the wall.

If you have a coat closet in your entryway, that’s great! That can save on space and help de-clutter the area. Make sure you use it!

Can I create an entryway into my open-concept home?

Yes, just remember that each space should be clearly defined and grounded. You can create an entryway in an open-concept home with a bench or small table and an area rug or runner. In this sort of floor plan, a large chandelier is not recommended.


Flooring- This area is one that should be made for wear and tear as you and your family truck in mud, salt, water, snow, etc. Make sure you choose flooring that is durable and water-resistant. A good idea for flooring would be ceramic tile. It is harder and less porous, making it ideal for more highly trafficked areas.

Furnishing- This is an area that can be devoted to intricately and beautifully designed furnishings. Just take care not to overcrowd this space. A small or narrow table with a small chair or a bench is ideal for this sort of space.

You can include a dresser or wall shelving in your entryway, but make sure it is proportional to the space.

Storage- Utilize your vertical space for storage. Entryways can be narrow spaces, but they also can be tall.

Consider hanging vertical shelves one on top of the other, using racks on the walls to de-clutter, or even placing a dresser in the hallway with height and length, but not necessarily width. This is a great option for stowing away hats, gloves, scarves and bags that aren’t currently in use.

Decorate boldly- This is a contained area, so you can go for statement pieces and bold patterns. If there was a particular graphic wallpaper you had in mind, here is the space to try it out.

You can personalize this space with your one-of-a-kind accessories such as book collections or collectibles from your travels. Unique art pieces are excellent for this space. Offbeat additions are welcome here.

In your entryway, you can also feel free to break common design rules. You don’t need to follow rules of symmetry. You can create balance by mixing colors, shapes, and patterns!

Mirror, mirror, mirror. Put that mirror on the wall! Foyers are greatly encouraged to have unique and stylish mirrors. You can create design by having several small ones. But don’t forget to include them! By expanding a room through the visual eye, they can make the area seem spacious and less claustrophobic.

Install a hidden cupboard- With regard to Harry Potter, install a hidden cupboard under the stairs! This will help with storage for various knick knacks, bikes, shoes, umbrellas, tennis rackets, teenage wizards…etc. and you can make the cupboard openings blend in with the stairs. Great for hide-and-go-seek!

Define the space- Sometimes this area is kept separate through doorways, but you can define it through changing floor types, laying down a rug, a folding screen, etc. These elements help act as a barrier and distinguish the entryway from the rest of the house.


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