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You have a beautiful, cozy, nicely decorated home, but the outside is falling apart. The exterior of your house demands your attention as well as your maintenance, this is what guests first lay their eyes upon when they come visit. And you don’t want a passerby to place ill judgment upon your beloved home, do you?


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FAQs About How To Design A Exteriors

What makes the outside of a home aesthetically pleasing?

Balance and symmetry play an important role in achieving a well-designed look. A centered door goes a long way in catching the eye. A properly designed home has an exterior that has been made balanced and proportional.

The exterior of your home should mimic the interior designs you have chosen. This creates a uniform flow throughout your home.

When choosing the materials for your home, make sure to balance aesthetics with durability. Overtime, this will save you a lot of cost and it should save you on timely maintenance projects, too.

How to choose the right roof?

In choosing the right roof, durability is imperative. There is a wide variety to options with a spectrum of cost and life-expectancy.

With materials like slate or tile, these are heavier options, so make sure the foundation of your house can carry the weight. These are also the most expensive options, but have a longer life expectancy and can certainly make a house appear more beautiful.

Asphalt shingles are the most prevalent option for roofing, especially because they are lower in cost and extremely easy to install. Any maintenance needed for this roofing is a low-cost fix.

Wood is another option with a similar life expectancy to asphalt shingles. Whatever you choose, make sure you consider the cost, durability, weight, and your house’s style before selecting.

How to choose the right garage door?

Sometimes garage doors can go overlooked in designing the exterior of your home, but this would be a mistake. You want the garage door to tie into your home and make the design fluid throughout.

Aside from style, garage doors need to be considered for their insulating properties, their safety features, the material durability, any warranties, and the overall cost.

Once you have covered the more mechanical aspects of choosing a garage door, you can begin to look in the style that best suits your home.

How to choose the right front door?

Front doors are a major aesthetic portion of the house. Sometimes they are part of the ventilation system. You really need to spend time here selecting if you want one door or double doors, a screen in front of the door, and what sort of material best suits your home.

Steel is a highly durable option that can provide your home with a contemporary look. However, when choosing a steel door, there are several elements to consider.

Steel doors will likely need periodic resealing to increase weather resistance and any staining that may occur. If the door is exposed to direct sunlight, this material can heat up and cause the finish to peel. This door material is also less energy efficient than other options.

Wood is a popular choice for aesthetic purposes and are easy to stain or paint pretty much any color. If these doors are exposed to direct sunlight, they will need a lot of maintenance and the owner should keep an eye out for warping.

Fiberglass and composite are a tough and practically maintenance free option. There is a wide range of expense for these sorts of doors running anywhere from the low hundreds to the low thousands, but they generally come with the longest warranty.

How to choose the right windows?

There are many factors that should go into your selection of a window. A window needs to be durable to withstand the elements and protect your home. Windows also need to be reflective of the overall design of your home, both inside and out.

There are other factors to consider such as UV rating, privacy, proper ventilation, ease of cleaning, and the view. As much as windows allow you to see the outside world while you are in, they are able to cast an inviting atmosphere by presenting the inside of your home to the outside.

Ultimately, the purpose of the window needs to be considered. Is it ornamental or is it functional? How essential is the access to light for the room?

One of the most essential purposes of a window is ventilation and the movement of air in and out of your home. Large, expansive windows are generally fixed and cannot be opened. Smaller windows can be placed in the room that are operable- meaning they can be opened or closed as needed.

Most homes install a combination of both fixed and operable windows.

Lastly, make sure to consider the position of the sun before installation. You don’t want a sun rising in your bedroom or setting in your family room as you watch television. This will also ensure your home does not heat or cool unnaturally during the various seasons.


Entryway– This should be the crowning jewel of your exterior design. Pay attention to small details such as door knobs and welcome mats. Make sure your front porch is well-maintained and the area is well-lit and inviting. You can even paint your door a contrasting color from the house and trim.

Landscaping- Adding color to the outside of your house through plants makes your exterior even more enticing and draws the eye to your house. Make sure to do research about which plants are seasonally appropriate to add the greatest amount of curb appeal to your home.

Porch- A cozy porch is a great way to convey the idea that your family enjoys relaxation and comfort. You don’t want to add too much furniture and the size of the furnishings should be proportional to the size of your porch.

Good options for porch furnishings are rocking chairs decorated with pillows or a cozy throw, a porch swing, or an outdoor table with a few chairs for entertaining. Just make sure you pick up after any guests!

Details– Don’t forget to add details to the exterior of your home. These details are what can add personality and liveliness to your property and have a newcomer marvel over the completeness of your house design.

Shutters- A classic exterior accessory is shutters. They can add color to your house or draw in more style to the windows. They give an air of completeness to a window.

Window boxes– Window boxes are a welcoming detail to your home. This can help tie in your house to your yard through seasonal flowers and plants. It gives an air of quaintness!

Lighting- Lighting is both a functional and decorative accessory to your outside. A warm glow is inviting to guests who arrive during the evening or night, and a well-lit yard or porch gives added security and visibility to your property.

House number- Your house number is a great way to add a decorative flair to your outside. The greatest advice is simply to make sure the number is in a readable/accessible location. It is embarrassing to ring the incorrect doorbell on a house visit!

Mailbox- The mailbox is another way to accessorize your outside. The options are endless from a free-standing mailbox at the end of your driveway to a mailbox mounted on your porch wall to a mail slot cut into your front door. Whatever you choose, make sure the design stays consistent with the rest of the house.


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