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The family room…one of the most important rooms in the house. Here is where you will spend quiet evenings, family gatherings, watch tv, enjoy a morning coffee, or simply relax. Use these design tips and tricks to create a room everyone in the family can enjoy.


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FAQs About How To Design A Family Rooms

What sort of fabrics should I choose for my family room?

This room is going to get a lot of use out of it, so be prepared for stains and the usual wear and tear. Choosing fabrics that involve patterns and colors are a good way to brighten up a room and add style.

As for hiding the stains, try to choose a fabric that is woven or nubby- these are more likely to hide stains than flat upholstery.

I have both children and pets. How can I create a family room that we all enjoy?

When children and pets are involved, there is a lot you can do in a family room to make them feel included.

With children, make sure you have designed a room with a lot of floor space. You will be using that space for play time. You can also choose functional pieces of furniture that serve a dual purpose. Your coffee table can be a stylish display for magazines AND a toy chest.

With the little ones in mind, choose furniture pieces with rounded or soft corners. You can have a soft padded ottoman contribute to the space as a coffee table without putting your children at risk of a scar or a premature lost tooth.

You can also choose low furniture options with flat surfaces. This makes the furniture accessible to small humans and encourages play space by providing a level surface.

When pets are involved, make sure to give them their own space. This can include placing a crate or dog bed for them in a corner or next to the couch. Include their toys in the family room set up, but keep the space decluttered by keeping them in an open container.

You can also save yourself some money by choosing an upholstery that matches the fur of your animal. This will minimize your time cleaning and hopefully preserve your sanity.

What sort of floor plan works best for a family room?

In a family room, consider an open concept floor plan. This will allow everyone to fill one space without making it feel crowded. You can fill it with various furniture to provide different seating options- barstools, sectional couch, ottomans, etc.

What sort of atmosphere is best for a family room?

You want to create a warm, inviting space that everyone wants to spend time in. Your atmosphere should be cheerful with bright colors. Make sure you add elements such as blankets and throw pillows to cozy it up.

You can personalize the space with your children’s artwork or family photos and memorabilia.

What sort of furniture should I choose for my family room?

You want to choose furniture that is comfortable and stage it so it is accessible to as many people as possible at one time. This means providing a large couch (sectionals are good for family rooms) with a centered coffee table for everyone’s enjoyment.

The basic furniture pieces for a family room are a couch, armchair, coffee table, and side table. Stemming off those basics you can get creative with what you choose to add to your family room.

If you want to add a tv to this space, consider mounting the tv to cut down on furniture taking up floor space. However, a tv console can be a provider for extra storage, so you need to decide which design best suits your needs.

Invest in solid, sturdy pieces. You want your furniture to have a long life span as well as high durability to ultimately save you the expense of replacing this furniture every few years. This is where your budget should be biggest.

How can I make my small family room feel bigger?

Choose a sofa and armchairs that are raised off the floor on legs. This will generate the illusion of light and space to give the room a larger feel.

Try to include as much natural light in the room as possible. Even if your square footage is small, a skylight and open windows will make the space seem bigger and brighter.

Avoid rugs and fabrics with large patterns and choose ones that are plain with small prints. Larger patterns can drown a room. In the same sense, choose a neutral or light color palette for your walls to visually expand your room.

Adding mirrors to a room is a common technique used to make a room feel larger. The reflection of a mirror tricks your brain into thinking the room feels larger than it actually is.


Arrangement- When considering how to create your floor plan for your living room, think about what sort of arrangement works best for conversation. Try not to place large plants or art pieces in the line of vision from the sofa to the armchair.

In a different respect, pay attention to the flow of the furniture placement in your room. Where there will be high traffic, is there a large walkway? Do your children have enough floor space for playing? Try to keep things simple when deciding where your furnishings should go.

Measuring- When purchasing new furniture for your family room, not only should you measure the dimensions of the pieces, you should also measure any doorways and hallways you will need to transport the furniture through.

It would be in unfortunate circumstance to have furniture delivered and not be able to get it into your home! This is especially true with longer couches or sectionals, where bending and flexibility is not really an option.

The sofa- You want your family room to be the absolute ideal of comfort. Your sofa should be your masterpiece in your comfortable design. Deep couches are the ideal for lounging. Pile your couch with pillows, so your family will be comfortable whether they are sitting, laying, or cuddling.

Multifunctional- Is your family room the place where your children are doing their homework? You can incorporate a desk into the room, but make sure it faces away from any distractions such as the television. You can also keep the dining table clear of clutter for that purpose too!

Open-concept floor plan- Since the ideal floor plan is an open-concept one, strengthen this design concept by using the same paint for the family room, dining room, and kitchen. This will make the rooms flow consistently into one another and make the space seem even larger.

Slipcovers- If you have children and pets, make sure your furniture has washable slip covers to save yourself from constantly replacing stained furniture.

Stools- Stools are an excellent way to add seating options to your furniture without weighing down the room with bulky furniture. Stools lower to the ground can even add a cozy, moveable seating option if someone would like to sit a little closer to a fireplace.

Flooring- Hardwood floors are a beautiful option, but make sure to employ the use of an area rug to define the main portion of the family room. This is especially important if you have young children to provide a soft area for crawling, playing, and walking.

Use a gripper mat underneath to keep the rug in place and prevent your children and pets from slipping and sliding around.


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