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You have the house of your dreams, a backyard paradise, and now it is time to decide where and how you will store your car. A garage doesn’t have to be an afterthought. It also doesn’t have to be a hoarder’s paradise. Here are some tips on how to design, style, and organize your garage.


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FAQs About How To Design A Garages

Should my garage be attached or unattached?

There are perks and negatives to either style. Before you decide on your preference, you should make sure you are permitted to have a detached garage per your homeowner’s association. Some restrict the number of roofs allowed per property.

An attached garage is a great convenience to have during bad weather. This also makes it a great option for additional storage such as an extra fridge or freezer. With an attached garage, you have the option of building on top of it and creating a separate room. You would have a much easier time wiring that room with electricity.

As for cons, an attached garage can pose a greater threat to the overall security of the house. It may overpower the design of the home, and it offers little privacy or noise buffer between the main house and a potential workspace. If your property is narrow, you will have no choice but to go for a detached garage.

Detached garages are a better option if you intend your garage to be a work station. That keeps all noise and debris separate from the house. It also provides a better option for security.

However, if this garage is being used for storage, access to those items is less convenient and parking during incremental weather can be a nuisance.

Which garage door should I choose?

When selecting the right garage door for you, take the time to match your selection to the exterior architecture of your home. An industrial appearing garage would look very bizarre sitting on the same property as a cottage-themed home.

Wooden garage door might seem aesthetically pleasing; however, due to the high maintenance demand of this door style, wood doors are not recommended. Instead, you can choose a wood lookalike such as an embossed steel with a faux wood-grain finish. Now you have the looks without the work!

You may be interested in a garage door with windows. Windows are an excellent option of allowing light into a garage as well as upping its style.

If you do decide to go with windows, make sure to place them in a place where you privacy cannot be violated. Choose glass that matches the glass of your house and provides insulation if you garage is heated.

If you have concerns about noise as your garage door opens and closes you should look for a door with nylon rollers and polyurethane insulation. The insulation will work as a noise dampener and the rollers are simply a quieter option. You may also want to update your opener at the same time you are updating your door!

How should I organize my garage?

If you have ever heard of a garage sale, it was originally designed to serve this purpose- the decluttering of a garage. Once you have worked to relieve yourself of the “hoarder” title, you are ready to organize your garage.

When organizing your garage, it is important to remember that you can utilize a system of storage on the ceiling. The interior of your garage is not a place where style and aesthetics are necessary- simply storage and organization should be your themes.

You can install built in shelving on to your walls for any tools or storage bins you may have. Open shelving is a better idea for garages since the accessibility is easier and it allows for more room.

If you have multiple purposes for storage in your garage, organize each area into zones. This will make finding tools and other necessities a lot faster and work in your favor to keep your garage more organized.

Should my garage have electricity?

The obvious answer to this question is yes. You garage should have electricity to power the opening and closing of the door. It should have electricity if you intend to use the area as a workspace with a multitude of accessible outlets.

Even if the garage is going to be used mostly for storage, you still want to provide electricity to this area for better lighting- this will help you find whatever you are looking for faster, improve the quality of your workspace, and increase the security of your garage.

Electricity for your garage with plenty of outlets is highly recommended!

A small pointer to make when installing electricity into your garage is to make sure you do not build over utilities lines. If your utility lines are going to end up beneath your garage making them inaccessible in the event of an emergency, they do need to be moved.


Number of cars- When choosing the layout you would like for your garage, you need to decide how many cars you would like parked in your garage. From here, you will be able to determine the square footage of your garage and get a better idea of sort of materials might fit into your budget.

Storage- Storage is such a huge aspect for garages that there cannot be enough advice shared on how to maximize a garage’s storage. Use your vertical space. Install cabinets to get all your bins off the floor. Don’t forget that you can hang your items by using hooks and a wall organizer.

Don’t forget to use your overhead storage. You can use racks mounted to the ceiling to store additional bins, bikes, or large items such as sleds.

A folding workbench is a space saver by creating an option for tool storage as well as providing the option of collapsing and folding away after use.

Organization- Organizing your storage is an easy way to make sure you things remain…stored. You should arrange your garage into deliberate sections, with an area for garden tools, work tools, power tools, etc.

You should label each area, so you know where to return the specific tools. You can repurpose old containers for additional storage and organization. Just make sure you label these containers with the proper label to avoid confusion.

Ladder– Ladders are often found in garages and can be a nuisance to your organization. A ladder can be hung on the wall to keep it from falling on an unsuspecting victim or it can even be hung from the ceiling to tuck it out of the way. Either way, make sure to address a specific place that can secure your ladder, so it isn’t a hazard waiting to fall.

Energy sufficiency- Whether or not your garage is heated and cooled, it is a source for your house to lose energy through the opening and closing of the door. You can make your garage more energy sufficient by insulating the garage door. You should see the savings in your energy bill!

Floor- Garage floors can often be neglected, but they are an easy way to upgrade a garage and make the space seem more stylish. The standard product for a garage floor is called epoxy, which is a durable option. Epoxy application can be slightly more complicated than paint, so that is something to consider.

Latex paint is the alternative option for garage floors. Although less durable, latex paint is easier to apply and relatively inexpensive when compared to epoxy.  


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