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When it comes to designing a laundry room it can be more complicated than you’d think! You’ll want to incorporate your sense of style along with easy utility to keep the process simple, but if you have a smaller space to work with then you have to get creative.


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FAQs About How To Design A Laundry Room

Whether you are updating your current laundry room or designing one for a new home, there are always important factors to consider. We will cover questions related to both ways of designing.

Where Is The Best Place to Put A Laundry Room?

Generally the best place to put a laundry room depends on your home and how often you will do laundry. Many people have it in an out of the way section close to the garage, but it is common now to have them upstairs as well.

This is because having them upstairs can make cleaning clothes easier. You won’t have to lug piles of laundry up and down those tricky stairs. It can also be more convenient so that downstairs can stay wide open and accessible to family and friends.

If you desire a smaller and more compact laundry room then putting it out of the way can be a great idea, maybe near a bathroom. If you want a nice large space to work with then people often like to connect them to say a master bedroom closet or put them off of the kitchen.

Should I Use Front Load or Top Load Washers?

Ultimately, this is up to you and your preferences. Shorter people will want to stick to a front load washer and dryer system if only so they can reach it easier. When you have small children top loaders are safer and can be easier to switch laundry between.

Saving space can be important in many households, so consider a front load set if you’re trying to save space. They are also a great choice if you want to have multiple washers in your laundry room so that you can wash a few loads at once. This is another great choice for families.

Of course, if you want to save space top loading washers and dryers can be appealing because they can be used as a folding station. Not everyone will have a large enough room for a table to fold, so this can provide the space needed instead of having to pile all the clean clothes on your bed to fold.

The best way to choose what style washer and dryer will work for you is to consider what would make things easier and how you like to do your laundry. If you want to save space and already pile the clothes into the basket to fold in your room, then you most likely will not need a folding station.

It can take time to figure out what is right for you, so do a few loads and see what your routine is already.

Should I Have A Sink?

Placing a sink in your laundry room can be great for people who need place to rinse things off before throwing them into the laundry, like maybe cloth diapers. It can also be used to soak your delicates or help you scrub at a resistant stain. Some people just like having a place to wash their hands after using detergent or bleach.

Whatever the reason, if you have the space a sink can be a great utility to have in your laundry room. After all, before the they were called laundry rooms they were called utility rooms.

What About Storage Space?

A great way to keep your house organized and clean is by using the laundry room to also store things like towels or sheets. Having cabinet space can help you put all your eggs in a row and make it a one stop shop for the household.

Plus, if you’re changing out sheets you can fold up the clean ones and store them away without needing to wander the house.

Cabinets are also a great place to put all your laundry supplies and keep them away from little grabby hands. The laundry room can be off limits to children and you won’t have to worry about the cleaning supplies being stumbled on somewhere in the house. Once locked together they will be out of the way.

Do I Need An Ironing Board?

Having an ironing station is key for many families that work professional jobs. You want an easy, no hassle spot to straighten out those wrinkles. That’s why a board you unfold from the wall is a timeless classic.

Some people even go so far as to have an dangling iron where they just hang it from a hook. It all depends on the ease of access you require and whether or not you are the type of family who irons.

Don’t think it’s a necessity just because it looks nice. After all, utility is the most important part of a laundry room design.

Tips & Tricks To Make Your Laundry A Breeze

The best part about getting to design your own laundry room is that you can really make the space your own. There are so many awesome ways to customize the room to fit all your needs, and it is more than just appliances and how big the room is.

Have A Folding Station

For many people it is too easy to fall into bad habits. You don’t mean to leave your clean laundry piled on the bed, but after lugging it all the way up the stairs and down the hall you just don’t want to fold it. We get it, we’ve all been there.

Having a place to fold your laundry while in the laundry room is the best way to combat this folding fatigue. You’re still in your cleaning headspace, not being distracted by all the wild wonders outside of your laundry room like screaming kids or needy husbands.

Either prepare for this by having a nice long island or counter to spread out all your clothes, or use the top of the washer and dryer if you don’t have space to spare.

Regardless, a folding station is a great way to make sure all your laundry ends up where it needs to be: put away.

Organize Your Dirty Laundry

Some people like to just throw all their laundry in the washer and hope for the best, but we are assuming that if you’re looking for the perfect laundry design then you’re not that person.

It can be frustrating having to sort everyone’s laundry yourself so this is a great way to get the husband and kids to help you out.

Have baskets in the laundry room designated for lights, darks, and delicates. You can even have a section for clothing that might need a heavier wash than others (sports uniforms, work clothes, etc.).

Then, when you’re ready to buckle down and get started on the laundry you can have your family bring down their own laundry. They can sort it into the right baskets and all you have to do is put them in the washer.

We would hope that you won’t have to go through and check their work, but you probably should. That lone red sock can turn all your pristine whites into a nice bright pink.

If you have younger kids this can also be a great way to involve them and make laundry fun.

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