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The ever dreaded “man cave”. Designing a man cave can seem like a daunting task because the classic image in our mind is a dark room, perhaps sparsely decorated with taxidermy deer heads or dark suede couches. This isn’t actually the case these days, as times are definitely always a-changing.


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FAQs About How To Design A Man Caves

You guessed it; most man caves don’t fit this dusty and dank aesthetic any longer. A man cave doesn’t need to actually resemble a cave, your husband isn’t squirreling away in there to hibernate for winter.

Instead, think of it as place for him to get a fresh of breath air and feel freeing. The rest of the house is usually oriented toward your tastes, so this is a chance for it to feel more personal to him. This is why it is important to get as much of his input as possible when designing the room.

Take Into Account Your Husbands Hobbies

Alright ladies, set aside all your dreams and what you think would make your husband look more studious and professional or rugged and daring. Your husband is just an average man, and he doesn’t need a room that doesn’t fit his needs.

Sure, it might be sexy to imagine a study full of all the books he’s read and knowledge he has, with a desk for him to pen his poetry. But that probably isn’t him. Neither is a nice open and airy room with abstract paintings and fluffy cushions.

Probably what your husband desires above all else is a room he can feel comfortable in. A room where he doesn’t have to worry about kicking up his feet and relaxing, maybe even putting his feet on the coffee table.

Is your husband the kind of guys that likes to read? Then maybe you should consider a comfortable recliner. This way he has space that he doesn’t have to share, and he can alter it to his needs. If he wants to put his feet up and peruse the newspaper then this is a great piece of furniture to have.

Perhaps he really does need a desk for work, because his job is a bit demanding and he can’t focus at the kitchen table. Take him out to a store and see what types of desks he likes. Maybe he wants a lot of drawers for files, or perhaps an L-shaped desk to lay out his files.

You can really get him excited by letting him sit in all sorts of office chairs so he can pick out his own. Bite your tongue if you think it’s too big or too unwieldy: this is his space, not yours.

In this day and age many of our husbands love to play video games. A great way to involve your husband in the design process is by letting him pick out a TV or small sofa, and then you can do all the accents. He won’t care about the rest if he feels he had a say in the most important parts of the room.

The common cliché of a pool table is actually not too far off the mark. If there is space for it, your husband may love the chance to work on his billiard skills or having a pool table to use to play with friends. Remember, it may seem tacky to you but it’s his cave.

Don’t Follow Any Stereotypes

It might seem simple to stick to the idea of a dark closed off room, but your husband isn’t actually trying to get away from the family. He isn’t a bear who needs to shut himself off in a cave. The phrase “man cave” is mean to be a bit silly, not interpreted as gospel.

A great way to make the room feel comfortable is to add bright curtains to the windows. They don’t need to be dark and sunlight blocking.

You also don’t need to buy an ugly couch. It is totally possible for him to have something comfy and stylish that you wouldn’t be afraid to sit on.

If you have kids, then make sure to leave space for them to play. It may be a man cave, but we all know the kids are going to fight their way in and dad probably won’t mind. They won’t let him.

It can be tempting, but don’t add a mini fridge. This is another stereotype that could be a great personalization, but it might be better to not give him a chance to live in there, just in case. At least if he wants a beer or a glass of scotch he can come to the kitchen like any other civilized person.

The most important thing to remember is that this is a room to relax, so there is a lot of freedom to play around with design ideas.

Tips & Tricks To Perfecting The Man Cave

We’ve talking about not falling into the stereotypical designs, and what stereotypes you can get away with. But here’s another important tip to keep in mind: the color of the walls

Painting Your Man Cave

Sadly, men do tend to lean toward darker and more rustic colors. This can be frustrating if you are trying to avoid the room feeling too dark and closed in. Here’s a way to please everyone:

An accent wall.

The popularity of painting an accent wall has been rising in recent years. Basically, an accent wall is a single wall painted a complimentary color to the rest of the walls. It usually corresponds light to dark.

So if your husband insists on a dark, manly burgundy then you can counter it by painting one wall a nice clean eggshell. If you’re lucky, like me, then he will settle with burgundy as the accent wall and the eggshell for the rest of the room.

The choice of color for a room can really open it up.

Leaving Room For Him

It can be all too easy to get caught up in trying to give your husband what he wants. Instead of stressing yourself out, let him do the rest.

Yes, I said it. Let your husband do what he wants. You have done what you can. You have picked furniture; you have placed everything just so and made sure colors match. Now it is time to let him turn the space into his own.

He will want to put his things everywhere and you will have to let him. Books will be on the coffee table, knick knacks everywhere. He may have an ugly blanket that doesn’t match or want to hang up a piece of ugly art.

It is A-OK to take a step back and just let him create. You know how freeing it is to design, so give your husband that gift as well.

The whole reason you wanted to design a man cave was to give him a space to feel comfortable and call his own. After a point you have to let him into the wild. Resist the urge to pick up after him or complain about it being messy.

If he respects your boundaries around the house then you should respect his. A man cave can be an art form if you let it, but there shouldn’t just be one artist.

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