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Mudrooms are the gateway between the outside world and the clean and comfortable interior of your home. The design of a mudroom is important to a house because it keeps your gear located in one place so that you can minimize clutter and have things in an easy to find place.


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FAQs About How To Design A Mudrooms

For many people the first thing they see upon entering a home is the mudroom. This is designed for a specific reason: to keep what you take outside away from the interior of you home. When you have a gang of children keeping you on your toes then a mudroom can make things easier for everyone.

It is a place to store your outerwear along with anything you’d need to brave the great outdoors. This can include coats, hats, shoes, and more. If you have a baby, this is a great place to keep the stroller or diaper bag for an easy grab on your way out.

What Does A Mudroom Look Like?

There is no one way to have a mudroom designed because they’re always expanding. This is true literally and figuratively. Originally, mudrooms were just a stop at the doorway. Maybe it can contain a rack for shoes or a closet to hang your jacket or hat.

Now mudrooms are gaining in popularity as the sizes of houses are going up, and they can be a whole entryway or room before you even enter the hallway. It depends on the layout of your house and the needs of your family.

The jacket closet and space for shoes is a common and simple form of mudroom that works for a family of two. But the more people you have in your living space, the more miscellaneous items need to be stored for easy access.

This is where whole shelving units come in handy.

Some people utilize the hallway to their maximum capabilities. This means that if there is room then can insert a bench for you to sit on to remove your shoes and shelves beneath to place your shoes. Coats can go in a closet opposite.

That is a cute and simple way to expand on the space you have. If there is a hallway leading from the door with nothing to fill it, add cabinets or hooks. You can store backpacks or jackets for easy access, along with a few other things that might need to be grabbed on the way out the door.

Maximize Storage Space

The best way to have a clean house is to keep it organized and that means maximizing on storage space. This is why mudrooms are so popular with bigger families and bigger houses. It can be hectic to have to grab shoes and jackets from every room, so consolidating casual ones makes life a bit easier.

We all deserve a chance to breathe, don’t we?

Convenience is absolutely key when designing your mudroom, so take into account some of your family’s bad habits and how you could help counter them. Does your daughter just throw her coat onto the back of a kitchen chair when getting home? Give her a hook on a wall so she doesn’t have to take any extra steps.

Having a place to put wallets and keys by the door is also intensely helpful. Maybe if you’re like me you need glasses to drive, but not to wander around the house. It can be all too easy to forget your glasses and have to run back inside, only to have no idea where you are.

A table or shelf to place these necessary items means you never have to wonder where your keys may be, or forget your wallet like my husband tends to do. This all keeps clutter from collecting in the living room or kitchen, because there is a place already set aside for sundry items.

Less Maintenance Overall

Having a place to store shoes or to take off your dirty items can be a blessing. A mudroom is also a great encouragement to get kids to take their shoes off at the door and not track mud or other debris through the house.

Even if it tends to get disordered all too easily it’s still better than having to check under the couch for your keys or the dirty laundry for your wallet. You’re more likely to put them there because there is space, and it keeps mess to a nice organized minimum.

Sometimes people like to mix the mudroom and laundry room together, especially if it is a small separate room. That puts all the nice bits of tidy lifestyle together and even a place to clean up since most laundry rooms have a sink.

There are plenty of ways to make a mudroom work in your home, and they are a necessity in today’s world.

Mudroom Tips & Tricks To Keep You Sane

Now we know that a mudroom is an amazing part of any home that can help keep everything tidy. Of course, it is different for everyone, but there are still so many ways it can go wrong.

Take some of these tips and even come up with hacks for you to keep everything a bit easier. Personalization can really make a difference because families truly come in all shapes and sizes.

Here are some things I’ve found that help me out overall and keeps my entryway from becoming a disaster zone.

Ditch That Umbrella Stand

A casual classic precursor to the current modern mudroom is the age old umbrella stand. It seems like a great idea to have a bucket meant solely for the storage of potentially damp umbrellas, but in a narrow entryway it can soon turn to mayhem.

If you have never had the ultimate frustration that comes from kicking an empty or almost empty umbrella stand halfway down the hall, then I envy you. In all the distraction of coming through the door, and the potential rush of kids or pets, that thing can really get in your way.

Instead, maybe consider a vestibule attached to the wall instead of freestanding, or better yet, attached to the wall inside a closet. This keeps it clear from unwary feet or overly excited wagging tails.

Keep A Shelf Stocked With Essentials

There is nothing worse than being out with your infant and realizing your diaper bag has run out of diapers or wipes. What can you when your baby has turned into a messy volcano?

Keeping a few packs of baby wipes and spare diapers in the mudroom means that you can pack up your diaper bag as you leave. This saves you from needing to rush back to the baby’s room and, let’s face it, be even later for their doctor’s appointment than you already were.

This can fit with many things including snacks, bottled water, or even cash for gas or coffee on the way to work.

The whole point of a mudroom is convenience and there are so many ways to tailor it to your needs. From storage to appearance to little life hacks, mudrooms are there to help make it easier to leave and come back home.

I hope you’re excited to get started on one of the area’s most important to clean and comfortable living.

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