21 Eclectic Bathroom Designs and Ideas

Eclectic bathroom design has an advantage over other bathroom designs because it is limitless. This particular style of bathroom is a marriage of anything and everything you want to include in your bathroom including different materials, colors, patterns, or anything that suits your personal taste.


This style of bathroom is perfect for someone looking to incorporate art and decor from different eras and different aesthetics, making the eclectic bathroom design one that is flexible and open to interpretation. Here is a look at some elements of eclectic bathroom design to incorporate into your home while you remodel.

Eclectic Bathroom Design

Eclectic bathroom ideas can come from anywhere. This style is perfect for blending and combining both complimentary and contrasting aesthetics for a unique bathroom that reflects your personal tastes. Taking contemporary and traditional bathroom ideas and combining them in one bathroom can be fun and freeing. Here is a look at some of the elements of eclectic bathroom design to consider before remodeling.


Eclectic bathrooms run rampant with color. The wonderful thing about eclectic bathroom ideas is that it can become playtime with the various ways that you can incorporate color. Bright pops of green, red, yellow and blue can be used for your shower curtain, your toilet seat cover, or your sink accessories. Traditional white and black are also welcome because this particular style uses both contemporary and traditional elements together.


The materials used in an eclectic bathroom can be anything of your choice. Metal, wood, plastic and other synthetic materials are all welcome in this design style. Creating a rustic sink countertop with wood and then embellishing the surrounding area with modern metal accents such as a stainless steel soap dispenser or a toothbrush cup is as acceptable as choosing a colorful plastic or another material in your design.


Eclectic Bathroom Ideas

Here are some eclectic bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Shower Curtain

One great aspect of the eclectic bathroom ideas out there is that there are so many! Deciding on a shower curtain that suits your personal taste can seem like a tiny detail, but it is one of those aspects that affects the overall mood of the space. Choosing a cheerful, colorful shower curtain is a great way to add a dose of color to your eclectic bathroom and amplify the playful, youthful side of yourself and anyone who enters your restroom.

Bathroom Accessories

Choosing bathroom accessories for your sink and toiletries or your shower can be fun too. Mixing and matching different colors and materials for your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, toilet roll dispenser, shower caddy or bathroom rug can be fun and cute for an eclectic bathroom. These accessories can be made from natural materials that add a rustic touch or they can be made from contemporary materials that seem futuristic. Whatever you choose, the eclectic bathroom design will allow you the freedom to showcase your personality in your bathroom.

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