22 Industrial Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The main idea behind the industrial bathroom design is a balance between cultivated and rugged. The elegance of this style comes from its stark use of contrast between rustic elements and sleek metal. This style is known for its crisp clean lines and minimalist accents.


The industrial design is meant to be functional and intriguing. The name industrial can seem like this style is cold and clinical, but it isn’t. It’s warm, inviting, even familiar in its use natural materials and sleek elements. Here is a look at some of the best industrial bathroom ideas for your home.

Industrial Bathroom Design

The industrial bathroom design uses a lot of elements that we are familiar with when it comes to different styles of decor. Deciding on what elements to highlight and add to your bathroom is important and can be easy if you know what features are categorized for the industrial bathroom. Here are some discerning features to help you decide between industrial bathroom ideas.


The industrial bathroom design calls for the use of rustic elements alongside modern ones. The colors associated with the industrial bathroom design are neutral. White and black can be used for the effect of contrast, but the basic colors of the industrial bathroom are rustic brown, concrete grey, and muted green and yellow for pops of color that do not break the room apart.


There is a lot of play room with the materials used in the industrial bathroom. Copper, tin, aluminum, stone, brick, wood, concrete and steel are all materials that are welcome in this design. Utilizing the metal elements and the stone, wood, and concrete elements to create balance and a vintage feel is a great way to use the industrial bathroom ideas for your home.


Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Here are some Industrial bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Exposed Plumbing

This style is excellent because it is rugged yet sleek and eye-catching. Using your bathroom pipes as a display item instead of hiding pipes with cabinetry or other means is a great way to add some more metal elements to your industrial bathroom. A rough concrete counter top with a black sink and exposed pipes is a great look for any industrial bathroom.


The industrial bathroom design is inherently minimal, but even if you choose neutral colors and the right materials your bathroom might need more accents to make the room more exciting. Opt in for a wire waste basket that is functional and minimal or a simple metal stool in an area that needs populating without being to in-your-face. A quaint potted plant can add some color to the room without being to distracting as well. Simple additions is the key, anything extravagant or overly opulent will detract from the space and its design.

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