23 Asian Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The Asian bathroom design is both elegant and soothing, making it a great choice for your home. This style is mainly derived from Japanese architecture and is as luxurious as a spa. The Asian bathroom ideas that you use can be easily molded around contemporary pieces that can balance the space to your liking.


The Asian bathroom design is undoubtedly beautiful and very welcoming. This style can help you to create a zen atmosphere in your home that will bring you peace and restorative relaxation every time you step foot into it. Here is a look at elements of Asian design to incorporate into your future bathroom.

Asian Bathroom Design

The Asian bathroom design is undeniably stunning. This style is representative of a strong culture that is creative, connected to itself and proud. This style reflects heritage, art, and design that understands sophistication and simplicity. Here is a deeper look at elements of the Asian bathroom design to keep in mind while you develop yours.


Asian bathroom ideas are very stylized and reflect a tradition that uses natural colors. Neutral colors like white and black are common, but the use of different browns, grey, and green make this style come alive. The rich brown colors used in Asian bathroom designs are traditional and powerful while remaining balanced and sophisticated. Pops of color come from plants and accent pieces, while white and black are used for things like towels and candles.


This style calls for various materials that are traditional in Asian cultures. Wood and stone are two of the main materials used in Asian bathroom designs and can be interchangeably applied to flooring, fixtures, and walls. The use of bamboo is prevalent and can be utilized in numerous ways as well. Rough stone is common for important parts of the bathroom like the sink or tub and can make you feel like you’re in nature within your own home. High-quality hardwood is a staple in the Asian bathroom design and can be left unstained to showcase its natural beauty.


Asian Bathroom Ideas

Here are some Asian bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Rough Materials

Using rough stone for your sink, countertops or the outside of your bathtub can really add an extra bit of visual power to your Asian-style bathroom. The texture shouldn’t be rough enough to scratch or cut anyone, but it should be textured enough that you can see and feel its authenticity. Rough unstained wood is great for your walls or for your cabinet mirror, as well as natural bamboo for bathroom accents.


Adding benches, tables or a Shoji for privacy can pull your Asian bathroom design together. These aren’t traditionally found in western bathrooms but can make your bathroom feel more homely, inviting and spa-like. You’ll want to hang out in your bathroom like you would on your living room couch.

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