23 Eclectic Kitchen Designs and Ideas

For many people, an Eclectic kitchen is the only choice that makes sense to them when they begin redesigning their kitchens, or even for their first home. This is because it is one of the easier styles to accomplish as it is more about exposing your flair and fun than looking neat.


This is a great style for big families because nothing will ever look out of place in your Eclectic kitchen design. The focus is on bringing together multiple types of textures and colors, no focus on any one type.

You can be creative and have fun without pressure to meet any sort of standards.

Color in Your Eclectic Kitchen

The one thing that should bring all of your Eclectic kitchen ideas together is usually color. Since you are already mixing so much together, then you should at least have a complementary color palette to work with.

This makes it easier to see the overall idea you were working with and keeps it from looking like just a hodgepodge cluttery mess. You want your guests to see the thought that went into it even if it is meant to look a little random.

Common color schemes often include at least one main color and neutral accenting colors. Blue and green are popular choices to be offset by white, gray, or black. Patterns are another fun way to offset the colors, just make sure they match well enough.


What About the Furniture?

Picking a good kitchen table or cabinets for your Eclectic kitchen is easier than you’d think. It’s easier than many other styles as well. You can be as creative as possible when it comes to picking furniture for your Eclectic style kitchen

A tiled table might fit best depending on what you are looking into, but being creative with textures is a great way to bring out your individuality. You can also mismatch as well to really keep with the eclectic spirit of your kitchen design.

The Layout

The layout of your average Eclectic kitchen design involves practical placement when it comes to your cabinetry and appliances. This is important because you should let the colors and décor speak for themselves and open it all up to the imaginative design.

Those who choose to design their Eclectic kitchen enjoy diversity more than anything else, which is why we have a nice series of various photos for you to consider.

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