23 Scandinavian Home Office

The Scandinavian home offices designs are one of the most popular designs at the moment. The simplicity of the style and the way it easily blend into your living space like no other makes it a hot choice when it comes to professionals who work from home and for others who simply wish to count with a workspace at home.


Simplicity Rules

There’s no other way to describe a Scandinavian home office, it’s the sheer simplicity that makes it so attractive for people, for many it’s to get an slim and elegant desk and one piece of large to create an Scandinavian type space in their living area.

Of course this is just a simple way to put it, that it’s just the foundation, the rest of the charm get added through the small details of decoration and management of space and storage.


The Style of Adaptability

For those looking to get more crafty with it and for those who count with the time and space to go all out in you design then you can start by adding plants to the mix, single bookshelves and even a small wardrobe hanger to give it the feel of an actual office.

You can blend this home office with literally any space in your house without losing the most important aspect of a home office which is comfort, for those who don’t count with a large space blending their home office with their bedrooms or even the stairs can be a viable and chic choice if you know how to handle the layout and can manage your space, remember simplicity rules and it doesn’t take much to incorporate a Scandinavian style to a small corner.

Black and White Magic

Black and white are the most used colors when trying to achieve a Scandinavian aesthetic, they are solid, they are simple and they are functional. Most colors in Scandinavian home office designs tend to be very light with black accents, to give an effortless chic look.

You can alternate the colors by having a two tone desk, the legs of it pitch black while the body on top crispy white. Matching it with a black and metallic grey office chair and white floating bookshelves, simple yet elegant.

Scandinavian Home Office Ideas

Make sure that if you are able to count with a lot of storage, now the trick is that most floating displays are going to be bare except for one or two objects to set off the minimalistic vibe, so closed storages that come with the desk are life savers. Adding some baskets and using them as both decoration and storage it’s also good idea to keep everything tidy and organized.

If you are looking for more Scandinavian home office ideas then you can of add some wood details as well, it will give it a special touch and will fit nicely with the plants and the black and white tones of the room.

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