23 Southwestern Home Office

The American west it’s full of vibrant sunlight and warm afternoons. With it’s deserted chic style it’s no wonder the aesthetic soon became an option for those wanting an energetic, warm and unique home office. With not being only one way to fully achieve the southwestern style it has become a middle point for those looking to blend contemporary and traditional designs.


Warm and Bold Tones

Depending on your taste, the use of browns, reds, purples and yellows provide the perfect color palette for your southwestern home office design, everything tan goes and hues of these colors will make it easier to blend the home office with the already existing living space. Giving it a desert inspired look without disrupting anything else.

The use of purples for accents and browns for furniture are ranch inspired and helps your mind easily travel for a 4 wall room to a beautiful desert landscape. These tones are chosen because they evoke a rough yet cozy feeling inside a room and they never fail to deliver just that.


The Sun as a Guide for Lighting

Deserts are known for the way the sun transform in front of it’s landscapes, creating beautiful hues that can be used for stunning indoor lighting, being recreated by different types of ceiling lights and lamps. Having multiple sources of light across the room will help build a cozy ambience.

Just as you can layer textures, colors and furniture, you can also layer lighting in order to recreate a more faithful tone of the warm sunlight during afternoon. You can use warm lighting bulbs for the ceiling, a lantern wrapped in rough white material instead of a typical desk lamp and candles at side tables for the late afternoons.

Magical Use of Leather

Reminiscent of leather boots and stripes, all leather furniture it’s a must when it comes to southwestern home office designs. It helps create a more authentic southwestern feel to it and accents perfectly in all the right places.

A large leather sofa or chair goes a long way. If you lean more into a contemporary style then you can still incorporate leather by using rugs made of mixed materials, it would be subtle and elegant while still remaining loyal to the American west aesthetic.

Southwestern Home Office Ideas

Accessorizing is important, you can add fringe to the end of objects as a tongue in cheek reference, and southwestern home office ideas have plenty of examples of great fringe usage. If you feel your home office is lacking depth and texture then woven textiles should do the trick, both in vibrant tones as well as earth tones.

The presence of some cactus like décor can be forgotten, you go as small or as big as you want. Desert plants overall make for great natural decoration. It’s an obvious but not less charming choice. If you want to add any other kind décor then the ones with metallic accents are the ones to choose, a mini metallic bullhead makes for a striking tabletop décor.

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