24 Southwestern Living Room Designs and Ideas

A Southwester Living Room design is one that is both warm and inviting. This style design takes its unique feel from Spanish and American traditions from Mexico, Arizona, and Spain.


These cultures lend themselves to bright hues, warm fabrics and ethnic accents. It is important to understand how these features mesh together and how they can help you portray this sense of welcoming into your home.

Start with the interior

It is interesting to note that the interior Southwestern style resembles the exterior. The idea is to have large open spaces. Think open floor plans, high ceilings, wooden beams and gardens.

If your living room has any of these elements, you have a great canvas. It is easy to add in other layers to achieve the desired effect.


Color is important

A Southwestern Living Room design will make the most use of color. Color is very important as it was thought to provide protection. Colors that most closely resemble the Earth, are always good options for a southwestern style/.

Choose colors that are bright and bold, such as turquoise and orange. The colors yellow, red and gold are also staples in this design style. You can pick these colors up by painting walls and trim or by adding tiled floors using these vibrant colors.

Mix and Match Wood

When decorating in true Southwestern style, it is perfectly acceptable to mix and match woods. The true style used a variety of woods in different colors and textures.

You can apply this same principle to your Southwestern Living Room ideas by having a coffee table hand carved out of one type of wood…and then end tables made out of a completely different type and color.

Let your furniture be rustic

A Southwestern Living Room design will absolutely feature rustic furniture. You want to find furniture that is old and worn. And if it has metal details, all the better. If you can’t find a couch, create your own.

Using a hammer or chain, go ahead and scrape a design into the wood of a table or arms of a couch.


Accessories tie a Southwestern Living Room all together

No Southwestern Living Room would be complete without a woven Navajo style throw rug. You can also use terracotta pottery and Native American inspired pieces such as antlers, bear rugs and decorative tiles to bring it all together.

A Southwestern Living Room design conveys a sense of home and a connection with our ancestors in a truly relaxing atmosphere.

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