25 Mid-Century Kitchen Designs and Ideas

A kitchen is a magical space. You will make your meals there, sure, but it is so much more than that. The kitchen is often the focal point of your household, especially when you have family and friends over. If you are designing a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one, you have plenty of options.


A mid-century design is a wonderful thing. Have you ever had a sense of nostalgia when you see designs from the past? If you have, then why not bring the nostalgia home permanently. Below, we have gathered 25 mid-century kitchen design options for you to look through. Check out just how wide your options are.

1. Colorful Retro

With style and color, this kitchen accomplishes the retro look perfectly. The red ties together so well with the gray and the whole space is connected to the house thanks to the floor plan.

2. Calm Hardwood Styles

Thanks to the natural light coming in the windows, this kitchen has a calm sense of style. The hardwood floor is matched by the cabinets and the blue drawers are a wonderful contrast.

3. Wonderful Dine-In Option

This kitchen has a bold sense of style. With a space all to itself, you can cook your meal and enjoy it at the bar style seating. Opened up to the rest of the house, this space is perfect for entertaining family and friends.

4. Bohemian Bright

The color combinations in this area bring the whole space to life. The blue and yellow complement each other perfectly and everything is so well lit with natural light.

5. Open and Lively

This marbled center island is the first thing to catch your attention, but the whole area is stylish. The extended island gives you a wonderful dining option and you can open up to let the fresh air in.

6. Natural Light Shine

The skylight lets the light shine into this comfortable kitchen space. With bar style seating to enjoy some down time or a meal, you can admire how well the hardwood works together in this space.

7. Perfect Blue Styles

This cozy kitchen comes to life thanks to the blue tile design that wraps around the space. The light blue drawers and cabinets and hardwood shelves are such a great blend.

8. Studio Style

The high ceiling and open floor plan of this space give it a studio affect that works perfectly. The large center island allows you to have plenty of cooking space and a dine-in area.

9. Functional and Easy

With a throwback sleek style, this retro kitchen has complete functionality. With comfortable chairs and a great center island, you can take your meals here anytime.

10. Spacious and Functional

The easy style of this kitchen will let you cook and dine in comfort. With a hardwood table extension to the island to match the surrounding designs, this space is where you will want to be.

11. Open Designs

The hardwood blends perfectly with the white styles of this kitchen. The whole space is opened up, with plenty of natural light shining in from outside to bring it to life.

12. Wonderfully Minimal

The center island perfectly matches the wall behind the stove and blends well with the hardwood cabinets. With an open floor plan and a great area to sit at for a meal, this space is ready for you.

13. Retro Functionality

With a blend of modern stainless appliances and a retro design, this has wonderful lighting for you to work in. It is a sleek design that is easy to clean and keep organized.

14. Center Island Purpose

The center island brings this kitchen to life with its color and functionality. The whole kitchen gives you room to move around and has a wonderful design style.

15. Wooden Beams

The wooden beams that run across the ceiling give this kitchen plenty to work with. The light fixtures and the hardwood styles work well and the center island is large and functional.

16. Comfortable Cooking and Dining

This kitchen has a great open floor plan that gives you plenty of dining options. You can pull up to the center island or take your meal over to the breakfast nook.

17. Extended Island

This kitchen has a great design, from top to bottom. The darker floor blends perfectly with the hardwood cabinets and the extended island gives you a great dining area.

18. Hardwood Highlights

This is such a simply designed kitchen that it works wonderfully. The hardwood floor is matched by the island design and the shelves above the sink. The decor is perfect for this space.

19. Sleek and Stylish

This space is sleek and has a wonderful contrast between the light and dark designs. The glass dining table is a great addition and works well with the overall theme of the space.

20. Sparked with Life

The designs of this kitchen, from the wall behind the stove to the wonderful light fixture, all work together to create a space full of life. The color provided by the decor is a wonderful finishing touch.

21. Light Mid-Century Beach

The bold hardwood floor of this kitchen sets the tone and allows the lighters styles to stand out. Like a beach style kitchen, this space is light and fun, giving you plenty of room.

22. Blue Comfort

All around this space you can sense the ease of the design. The glossy tiles used for the walls is a perfect blend with the blue cabinets and stainless appliances.

23. Functional and Light

This kitchen gives you a center island that is large and functional. Use it to prepare your meals and then pull up to eat. The whole kitchen has a sleek design that looks fantastic.

24. Red Brick Style

Anchored by the red brick style, this kitchen has a rustic sense of style. The hardwood designs work perfectly together and the smooth gravel floor design looks wonderful.

25. Classic Farm Style

With a bucolic charm at work in this kitchen, you will always love being here. The decor perfectly matches the bold hardwood floor and corrugated white wall.