25 Southwestern Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The southwestern bathroom design is inspired by the art, decor, and architectural imprint of New Mexico, Arizona and its native culture. This style is visually soothing and bold. The rustic appeal is refined and the geometric patterns associated with southwestern bathroom ideas can leave you tingling with excitement to see your bathroom space come together.


Having an understanding of where the southwestern bathroom design comes from can help you put together a bathroom that is breathtaking. Major overhaul of your bathroom is possible for a fully immersive design, but simple changes can also define a southwestern-style atmosphere. Here is a look at southwestern bathroom design ideas that can help you spruce up your space.

Southwestern Bathroom Design

The southwestern bathroom design is an exciting one. The colors alone can come together to create a beautiful bathroom but when met with texture and patterns that really embody the southwestern region of the United States, this design style can leave you breathless. Here is a closer look at some southwestern bathroom design tips to help you create the perfect bathroom.


The southwestern bathroom calls for warm, inviting colors that remind you of the earth and glittering gems. Bright blues are excellent for accenting natural, rustic hues like rich reds and earthy browns. Warm oranges and corn husk yellows can create an inviting atmosphere that catches your eye and leaves you feeling relaxed and comfortable. Cream colors can replace the deep contrast of white and soft grey tones can eliminate the need for light-absorbing black.


Southwestern bathroom ideas incorporate the use of natural materials. Various types of wood are excellent for this style. Pine, oak, hickory and cherry wood can be used to showcase different textures and colors of wood that compliment each other. Stone can be used to create ornate patterns on your walls, floors or countertops. Metal embellishments that add a rustic ruggedness to your fixtures and accents are perfect for this style.


Southwestern Bathroom Ideas

Here are some southwestern bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.


The southwestern style is great for any home and the patterns associated with the culture of that region can be utilized in your decor. Elaborate designs can be used for patterned wall or floor tiles that are eye-catching and colorful. Backsplashes that are simple yet stylized is a great way to eliminate monotony and add texture to the look of your southwestern bathroom.


Accentuating the beautiful design of your bathroom is incredibly easy with this style. Adding pottery that holds decorative plants or a colorful Native American tapestry to your walls or as an area rug can bring the elements of this design style together and add color that is pleasing. Paintings of natural scenes or sink accessories that employ beading can be simple touches that amplify the beauty of your bathroom.

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