25 Southwestern Bedroom Designs and Ideas

The southwestern bedroom design is a vibrant, cozy, welcoming style that is a great choice for any master or guest bedroom. This style is characterized by the design styles of New Mexico and Arizona based from Spanish and Native American cultures. This homey style is rustic and tranquil, making it easy to recreate in any bedroom.


Southwestern bedroom ideas reflect the aesthetic of the desert and its rugged appeal. The inviting, warm colors will help you create a personal southwestern bedroom design that will make it easy for you to find restful sleep every night.

Southwestern Bedroom Design

The southwestern bedroom ideas out there have a lot of the same elements you see in other rustic designs but with just a hint of vibrant culture that amplifies its uniqueness. This style can leave you feeling like you’re one with nature and at peace as soon as you step into the room. Here are some tips for your southwestern bedroom design.


The colors used in southwestern bedroom ideas are warm, rich and inviting. Rustic red, earthy brown, creamy white, and vibrant jewel tones are all welcome for a southwestern bedroom’s color palette. Beautiful patterns can be made of the colors specific to southwestern bedroom design and should be considered for this type of bedroom.


The southwestern bedroom design is definitively a rustic one, and the furnishings specific to the style come in various expressions. Because this is a rugged look, the use of wood is prevalent and integral to this style. A wooden bench at the foot of your bed with a blanket that features a Native American design is a great accent for your bedroom.

Consider contrast and choose an area rug or bedspread that plays with the balance of black, white and grey instead of strong colors to neutralize your palette. A cozy bedroom fireplace or hanging a faux or natural cow skull on your wall can bring in a true southwestern atmosphere to your bedroom.


Southwestern Bedroom Ideas

Here are some southwestern bedroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.


The art and culture of the southwestern region is very influential in southwestern bedroom design. Consider adding artisan-made pottery, Native American or Spanish influenced tapestries to hang on your wall or handwoven colorful rugs for your bedroom floor. This style is reminiscent of haciendas and any furniture or decor made of sturdy handcrafted wood is an excellent addition to the southwestern bedroom.

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