25 Victorian Living Room Designs and Ideas

There is something about a Victorian Living Room that transports a person back to a bygone era of elegance. If you are interested in a Victorian Living Room design, there are a few concepts to consider.


A Victorian style involves a certain amount of elegance, uniqueness, vintage and ornateness all rolled into one. With careful planning, your living room can be transformed using some Victorian Living Room ideas.

Color is key

When planning your Victorian Living Room, start with color. The Victorian era used rich hues and opulent textures. You do not want to be shy with your color choice.

It is perfectly acceptable for a Victorian Living Room to be painted a rich purple, a dark burgundy or deep navy. If you prefer, go ahead a paint the room a vibrant shade of gold. You cannot overdo it with a rich color.


Victorian Living Rooms need brilliant lighting

After you have painted your living room, be sure to add an impressive chandelier. Again, do not skimp.

Victorian decorating was opulent and not shy. Hang a large glass and brass chandelier from the ceiling and make sure it has crystal pieces hanging from the arms. You can also add glass and brass sconces on the walls.

Accessorize in a big way

Victorian decor included metallics. This design concept can be introduced to your Victorian Living Room design in a few easy ways.

Start with adding large gilt picture frames to your walls. If they have an old-fashioned picture it’s even better. You can also add dramatic ceiling to floor drapes. Your drapes should also be in rich hues and have metallic threads shot through them.

Furniture needs to be rich too

When planning out your Victorian Living Room design, furniture needs to match the rest of the room. It is important that your fabrics are rich too.

Be sure to choose furniture that has dark wood elements to it. Then make sure the fabric is richly textured and in deep hues. Burgundy velvet and navy chenille will work very well. If you have a coffee table make sure it is a rich wood with a deep patina.

Feel free to add throw pillows that use metallic colors to pick up the colors in your window treatments and lighting.

Using Victorian Living Room ideas, you can truly make your home a castle and feel transported to another era.

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