26 Tropical Bedroom Designs and Ideas

Creating the perfect tropical bedroom design for your home can be really exciting. Who wouldn’t love to have a tropical oasis to call their own? It’s a perfect design for a master or guest bedroom thanks to the tranquil feeling it provides you.


This style is easy to achieve with all the tropical bedroom ideas floating around. Oftentimes, a complete overhaul won’t be necessary because this design can work with your home with some simple tweaks. Consider some of these options to create the perfect tropical bedroom in your home.

Tropical Bedroom Design

Tropical bedroom designs can be easily executed with a little inspiration and imagination. This style is balmy and breezy, making a home in any type of environment feel like it’s a seaside haven. Here are some tips to help guide your tropical bedroom ideas.


The colors for tropical bedroom designs are simply tropical colors. Mango orange, palm tree green, aquamarine blue, sandy brown, and sunny yellow are all great palette color options. Choosing two to three colors to use for your color scheme is great. White and dark wood furniture for contrast can pull the more vibrant colors in your room together to create a harmony that exude tropical relaxation.


The furnishings for your tropical bedroom ideas can be as simple as seashells from your last beach trip. Your tropical bedroom can have elaborate features like a tropical wallpaper that acts as an accent wall.

Your furniture can be painted or raw wood that adds a neutral colored anchor for the brighter colors in the space. Look for a bed frame and nightstand that has tapered legs made of crafted wood. For your windows, try window treatments that have a tropical pattern or a symmetrical line pattern in muted tropical colors. There’s plenty of room to play with this style.


Tropical Bedroom Ideas

Here are some tropical bedroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Woven Tapestry

A great accent to add to your tropical bedroom is a woven macrame wallhanging. These are usually hand crafted and very elegant, displaying an intricate design in a neutral cream colored rope that will go well in a tropical bedroom. Macrame wallhangings can be a DIY project for your personal space or can be purchased from an artisan.


Indoor tropical plants are perfect for a tropical bedroom design. Tropical plants will add a nature element that makes your room feel alive. This is excellent especially if you live in an area that isn’t tropical. Adding plants to your space is a great way to make your bedroom feel like a personal oasis.

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