27 Asian Kitchen Designs and Ideas

The time is finally here for you to redesign your entire kitchen, and you have an idea of what you want but no inspiration. Don’t worry, that’s why we have put together an excellent photo gallery for you to peruse for Asian kitchen design ideas.


You can’t be at a loss with our pictures ready to jolt your creativity, and there are plenty of different design and style ideas you can incorporate to make your kitchen both elegant and unique. Click through and see what will inspire you as you redesign your kitchen to fit you.

The Overall Feel of an Asian Kitchen

When it comes to Asian kitchen designs, the first thing you will notice is that it is a glorious mix of natural materials and a sleek contemporary look.

Seriously, when you step into the kitchen you will feel it has a wonderful natural openness as it incorporates traditional Asian ideas while definitely integrating it well with a modern look.

Using natural wood in the Asian kitchen designs means that you can choose from various different wood stains. It wouldn’t even be unusual to mix and match the stains to give it a homier feeling overall.

That is of course up to you, but that is one of the best draws of this style kitchen.


Adding an Island

A common Asian kitchen idea is having an island or bar with the kitchen, to help really spread that idea of openness and sharing. Islands can look stunning while filling up any negative space that you may have.

Islands also give a nice chance to add an empty surface to make it feel more open as well, and the appliances on the counters will stand out less. Everything about an Asian kitchen should definitely feel easy and uncluttered for the best possible feeling.

When It Comes to Colors

Tranquility is a huge part of Asian kitchens and part of what can make them so attractive. That’s why you often want to focus on more natural and neutral colors like white, grey, and shades of brown. That doesn’t mean you can’t include soft greens, blues, and oranges.

Instead, the idea is to keep them more subdued and narrow so that it doesn’t impede on the calm aura the Asian kitchen should be exuding.

Hopefully our gallery can give you all the motivation you need to finally get to work on that Asian kitchen you have always dreamed of.

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