27 Beach Style Bathroom Designs and Ideas

There are all kinds of tranquil, soothing beach style bathroom ideas to turn your bathroom into an oasis that leaves you feeling like you’re on vacation in your own home. This style is perfect for any home and can be as complex or as simple as you’d like.


Beach style bathroom designs are made to having you feeling good and to help you chill out. There is cliché decor that has been overdone and is played out, but with the right eye and the right direction, you can develop a beach themed bathroom that is beautiful, unique and fun. Here is a deeper glance at beach style design ideas that will help you spruce up your bathroom at home.

Beach Style Bathroom Design

The beach style bathroom design may be one of the easiest to achieve. This bathroom style is definitely familiar and can be recreated in your home in many ways. While trying to steer clear of overdone maxims you will find that there are simple and complex ways to develop this style in your home. Here are some basic elements of beach style bathroom design to get you started.


It’s easy to lean into white as a beach color, but it can leave a beach style bathroom feeling blank and vapid. Instead, consider the natural neutral colors that are associated with the beach and you’ll find that there are many different colors to add to your color palette. Some great examples would be the beige of sand or the aquamarine of the ocean. Complimentary colors can also be used to add a bit of diversity to your bathroom such as orange and yellow to represent the sun or the beach at dusk. The options are many and the key is to think outside the box.


Beach style bathroom design doesn’t call for having to use any specific materials to fully flesh out this idea. Light, unpainted wood can be great for your cabinets and can remind you of a boardwalk, or they can be painted a light cream color to look like the color of sand. Wicker can be used for different accessories such as your wastebasket or your bathroom sink toiletry holders. Other beach-centric materials can be used such as fabrics that have blue and white stripes for your towels, but the options are ultimately up to you.


Beach Style Bathroom Ideas

Here are some beach style bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Shower Curtains

Getting beach themed shower curtain is a great beach style bathroom idea, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying something common and overused. Instead of that tropical fruit curtain you’ve been eyeing, try something with a little more panache that is representative of your personal taste. There are beautiful shower curtains that have photorealistic designs such as a beach scene or an anatomically correct turtle that is very detailed and pleasing to the eye.

Accent Wall

Wanting to keep it simple with your beach style bathroom ideas is understandable and easily achievable. A great way to spice up a beach style bathroom is to paint an accent wall. Using light, breezy colors in a beach themed bathroom is great, but taking the time to paint one wall a wonderful shade of blue that reminds you of the sea can be a quick way to change the atmosphere in your bathroom.

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