27 Industrial Living Room

These days a solid retro look like an industrial living room is all the rage. This is a look that can easily turn a drab or shabby area into a booming and cultured room all with a few simple steps. It doesn’t take much to transform a room into something beautiful and new.


We have a photo gallery full of the best possible industrial living room designs. So sit down and look through our photos for the inspiration you need when it comes to designing your own dream home.

How It Should Look

When it comes to an industrial living room, usually at least one wall is bare to the bone. It is common to see the walls be concrete, displayed brick, or for the floor to be common as well. Maybe the ceilings are open and you can see all the beams.

Industrial living room ideas are often utilizing what looks to be an unfinished room when really the case was to keep it retro and open all along. The backdrop is actually utilized to bring the whole room together with such little effort.

One of the reasons this is so trendy is because industrial living rooms are so very affordable. For many people it means working with what they already have and keeping a wide range of furnishings available.


Making And Industrial Living Room Work

Keeping it industrial is all to the eye of the beholder when it comes to this design. You can have open lighting all along the high ceilings or you can keep it down low with open windows and cozy floor lamps.

Maybe you want a fireplace to go along with those bare walls, then feel free to insert one as you please. Decorations are easy because you can use many formats. From mental, to wood, cloth, you can pick a scheme and go along with it.

Colors range however you see fit, though it’s usually good to keep from going too crazy.

Accessorizing Your Room

Wooden crates are a common way to incorporate a useful industrial style into your living room. So is using heavily woven texture like burlap on walls or as a table cloth. Clean up that cold floor with a nicely designed rug and sit back to admire your work.

There’s no one way to work with the industrial design in your living room so give it your best shot and lot your interior designer shine through.

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