27 Mediterranean Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The Mediterranean bathroom design is a beautiful one. The influenced for this style comes from Italy, Spain, and neoclassical Greece during the Spanish revival. The colors, features, and architectural elements of this design create a comfortable, cool atmosphere.


Mediterranean bathroom designs are relaxed, casual, and approachable. This style can be simple and elegant or decorative and regal. There are many options to choose from when discovering Mediterranean bathroom ideas. Here is a look at some of the elements to keep in mind while designing your bathroom.

Mediterranean Bathroom Design

The Mediterranean bathroom design is a delight with its bright spaces and elegant accents. Mediterranean textures and patterns can be used for tiles on the walls or floors or for accent decor that adds excitement to the room. Here are some basic elements of the Mediterranean bathroom design to know before deciding on your favorite features.


The colors used in Mediterranean bathroom design are rich, vibrant and warm. Rustic brown and red can be used with smooth palatial textures to create an elegant, inviting space. Bright blues, emerald greens, and yellows can be used for pops of color within your personal design.


The Mediterranean bathroom ideas out there all showcase similar materials for this style. Wood is rustic and very much a part of this design. Tiles are perfect for creating patterns and texture in the space and can be used on your floors or walls to enhance the visuals of your bathroom. Stone embellishments are also a great Mediterranean bathroom idea. Using gold metal fixtures or accents in your doorway can also add cheerful glint in your bathroom.


Mediterranean Bathroom Ideas

Here are some Mediterranean bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Arched Doors and Windows

The Mediterranean bathroom design is beautiful and a way to really play into this style is to use the classic arched doorways and windows seen in this design. The arched doorway adds a sweeping architectural element that is pleasing to the eye. These geometrical shapes can loosen a space up, breaking the consistency of hard, clean lines.

Rough It Up

One great thing about the Mediterranean bathroom design is that it can be as sleek and shiny as you would like it to be but this style is great for rough textures. Consider using tiles for your floors that aren’t polished or stone for your sink counters to add texture to the room. Carved stone is both classy and rustic and a great way to bring natural appeal into your Mediterranean bathroom.

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