27 Scandinavian Living Room Designs and Ideas

Scandinavian Living Rooms are unique. They embody a simplicity and functionality that allows the user to enjoy the comforts of home, without worrying about high maintenance upkeep. If you are looking to use Scandinavian Living Room design concepts at home, there are a few guidelines to follow.


This is a great design concept for those looking for clean lines and furniture with purpose. The main goal of Scandinavian design is function.

Start with a color palette

Before you start adding furniture to your Scandinavian inspired living room, start with the colors in the room. The Scandinavian design favors simplicity, and that extends to the colors used.

Start with a clean palette of grey and white. These colors can be used on the walls, trim and in the flooring. It is easy to pick a grey, wood floor and pair it with white walls that have grey trim. You can use little bits of navy or yellow to add a pop of color. This is easily accomplished in furniture fabrics and window treatments.


Scandinavian Living Rooms favor functionality

When selecting furniture for your living room, stop and think about what you absolutely need. And then don’t add anything else.

Scandinavian Living Room ideas will encompass furniture that has purpose. You will want a couch that provides seating for the occupants of the house, not 20 additional guests.

A bookshelf is meant to hold books that you read and perhaps a few baskets that hold necessary items, such as the TV remote or tissue box. The key is to select furniture that serves a purpose.

A decided lack of accessories

When planning a Scandinavian Living Room, you will not need accessories. Keep it simple. If you wish to add a pop of color, think about adding a picture or 2. If your walls are painted grey or white, black picture frames provide a nice hint of color. Be sure to group 3 pictures together on one wall for impact.

Subtle touches, big impact

Scandinavian Living Room ideas all involve making sure that every piece of furniture in the room has a purpose. It also relies on a neutral palette of grey and white to keep a clean look.

They reason this type of design looks so fresh and clean, is simple. There are no extra accessories hanging around and the neutral palette ties it all together. Clearly a Scandinavian Living Room is bright, organized, efficient and refreshing.

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