27 Tropical Living Room Designs and Ideas

If you are looking for a living room that brings to mind sea breezes, coastal living and being on vacation, then you need to consider a Tropical Living Room design.


When thinking of Tropical Living Rooms ideas, it is important to realize that you have many options. The main idea is to convey a sense of coastal living that inspires relaxation and a feeling of vacation.

Start with lush colors

The first design element to select is your color palette. When decorating in the Tropical style, lush colors are greatly encouraged.

Consider using a lush green color on one wall. You can then paint the other walls a light sea-blue or pale yellow. You want choose colors that reflect the vegetation and nature of the tropics. In fact, you can select on main, lush color and then build your living room around it.


Add some natural elements to your Tropical Living Room

After picking your main color, start to bring in other colors from nature. This is a great opportunity to add bamboo either as roll-up shades or as the flooring. A natural sisal rug pairs very nicely with this style.

If possible, leave your windows unobstructed to let in lots of natural light and sunshine.

Use furniture to highlight nature

When possible, pick furniture that has a beach feel to it. Wicker and bamboo pieces complement a Tropical Living Room very nicely. It is a nice idea to use furniture to highlight nature views-place a wicker table underneath a set of windows. This draws the eye to the window and the view outside.

Other great Tropical Living Room design ideas involve bringing nature inside. Pick a glass vase and add some sand and some shells. You can also use twine to make a tropic inspired wreath with palm fronds and you can use driftwood to make tables.

Tropical accessories that add a punch

Once you have your Tropical Living Room painted and have added furniture, it’s time to accessorize.

Adding large ceiling fans and larger potted plants certainly bring about a tropical feel. You can also add some nautical touches too. Search flea markets for bottles with boats in them.  Mosquito netting can be draped on the wall. It makes an interesting focal point and it certainly has a tropical feel.

A Tropical Living Room is an excellent way for you to enjoy a vacation all year round.

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