27 Victorian Bedroom Designs and Ideas

The Victorian bedroom design is timeless, elegant and beautiful. This style has been around for many decades and still remains popular because of its distinct character and familiar atmosphere. The ornate patterns, intricate designs and expert use of color makes this one of the most breathtaking interior designs in style today.


The Victorian bedroom design is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a classic, graceful look for your home. Victorian bedroom ideas should be planned out beforehand for the best execution of this style. Here are some tips to keep on hand through that process.

Victorian Bedroom Design

Victorian bedroom designs can be expressed in many different ways. The use of color is integral to defining the atmosphere in the Victorian style. Furniture, furnishings, decor, and accents are all carefully selected to create a perfect scene. Here are some things to consider when developing your Victorian bedroom ideas.


The color scheme for your Victorian bedroom can be heavy or light depending on your preference. Simple black and white bedrooms in the Victorian style are as elegant as any combination of complimentary colors. With this style, it’s best to select two or three primary choices for your color palette and accent them with features of your choosing.

Combinations like pale blue, turquoise, and white can create a monochromatic look. Other combinations like cream, pale yellow, forest green and gold create a space with a simple contrast. Darker color combinations are also great for this style.


Ornate bed frames are excellent in Victorian bedroom designs. Select a bed frame made of expertly carved wood with intricate headboard and footboard designs. A tufted sofa at the foot of the bed can add form and function to your Victorian bedroom ideas. An elegant canopy over your bed can provide a focal point for your Victorian bedroom and add a touch of romance to the space.


Victorian Bedroom Ideas

Here are some Victorian bedroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Window Treatments

Window treatments in a Victorian bedroom can be a simple solid color that compliments the other colors in your room or it can be an elaborate tapestry that adds stylish grace to your space. Intricate curtains that feature a Victorian pattern are perfect for this style of bedroom. Be sure to match the colors of your curtains to the rest of your bedroom.

Embroidery, Lace and Beading

Some fine details for your furnishings and the other accents within your Victorian bedroom are embroidery, lace, and beading. Your pillows can have elaborate details that include embroidery or lace that are decorative accents during the day.

Beading can be featured on the items on your dresser or nightstand, on your curtains, or your decorative pillows. These gentle details will add a refined quality to your decor that will make your bedroom all the more special.

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