28 Yellow Living Room Designs and Ideas

You might think that yellow is a hard color to decorate with. However, yellow living room designs are bright and cheerful. The right use of the color yellow can transform your living room into a cheery oasis. Here are some yellow living room ideas to help you transform your space.


Paint first

The right shade of yellow paint can mimic the outdoor sunshine. Choose a nice,soft butter yellow to paint your walls. Then you can add in some nice crisp white trim and ceilings. This combination will be cheerful even on a gloomy day.

If you prefer a bolder or darker yellow color, make it your focal point. Pick a wall in your living room and paint it with this stronger color. It will draw the eye immediately, so be sure it has substance to back it up. This bolder color would like nice painted on the wall around the fireplace or the wall where you have dramatic window views.


Don’t be afraid to contrast

Since yellow is a bold color, no matter what shade you use, it is ok to contrast with it. You need to use strong accent colors to balance out the yellow.

Brown and black are good color choices to pair with yellow. If your walls are yellow, try adding some black or brown pictures frames. This combination will look nice.

You can also add your contrast color in the window treatments you choose. A pretty black and white gingham window treatment will do very nicely.

Red also makes a nice contrast color when using yellow. Looks to add pops of red around your living room. Red throw pillows and blankets make a huge impact when it comes to yellow living room designs. For an even bolder look, consider adding a red piece of furniture as an accent. A red coffee table, perhaps?

Use a dark yellow

If you are not sure about painting the whole room yellow, paint one wall yellow. When using this yellow living room idea, make sure the wall stands out. If you are only painting 1 wall yellow, it is a good idea to pick a darker color yellow.

There are many nice shades of yellow in darker tones. Think mustard and tumeric. These colors have a depth that work beautifully with living rooms. With the darker colors, make sure your furniture is light toned to balance it out.

Accessories add a pop

For an additional pop of color, layer on the accessories. A pile of throws in different textures, but the same color yellow, will go a long way in your yellow living room design.

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