29 Scandinavian Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The Scandinavian style is so popular, there may be aspects of this design style sprinkled throughout your home without you even knowing it!  Because of this, choosing to move forward with the Scandinavian bathroom design for your home will seem perfectly familiar even before your bathroom is done being remodeled.


The Scandinavian style is joyful and elegant, sleek and clean with an almost effortless appeal. Using understated, minimalist Scandinavian bathroom ideas in this design will contribute to the overall amplification of the tranquility in your bathroom. Here is a deeper dive into the Scandinavian bathroom design and what elements to incorporate to achieve this look.

Scandinavian Bathroom Design

Scandinavian bathroom ideas were develop as a way to combat the stark, cold winters of the area. These designs are meant to be cheerful, bright, and inviting to help create a relaxing, cool, clean atmosphere. Here is a look at some of the elements of Scandinavian bathroom designs to consider when developing your bathroom.


The Scandinavian style is distinctive in its use of white and black. These two hues are used elegantly for contrast, but white in particular is a strong basic color for this style. White surfaces and details are a way to maximize the light in your bathroom.

Black elements can be sophisticated and are welcome in this style, but the hue itself absorbs the light in a room and makes it appear darker. Use soft, simple colors for a highlighting effect but steer clear of overusing them. Less is more with color choices for this style.


Scandinavian bathroom designs use simple materials that we are already familiar with. Wood is great for cabinets and accents in this style, but the need for a color palette that is neutral means that these elements are best painted unless the raw wood colors are meant to be an accent.

The use of porcelain for countertops and your sinks helps to keep the color palette neutral and clean-looking. Tiles are a great way to add textural elements and can be used on the walls or floors. Stainless steel metal accents and fixtures will keep the sleek, futuristic feel of the Scandinavian style while keeping the overall appearance of your bathroom elegant and simple.


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Here are some Scandinavian bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Monochrome Colors

The Scandinavian style is truly at its best when the color scheme is as limited as possible. A simple white and black contrast can be powerful when deciding on your Scandinavian bathroom design elements. Creating an accent wall with black tiles or choosing to add accents like an all black metal shelf in the space can help deliver a cohesive style in your bathroom.


Scandinavian design is meant to be bright, open, and clean. Natural light is a great way to brighten any room, and having a window in your bathroom that lets the natural opulence of your bathroom come out is a great way to make the space feel airy and freeing.

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