29 Victorian Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The Victorian bathroom design is a classic, elegant style for any home. The heavy features of this style are reminiscent of palatial, romantic British architecture. There is something about the Victorian bathroom design that is desirable and comforting despite the darker colors and larger furnishings.


Using Victorian bathroom ideas that are timeless can help you achieve a look that will remain intriguing and regal over time. This style has been used for decades and remains popular because of its outstanding appeal. Here are some features of traditional Victorian bathroom design that you can use for your home.

Victorian Bathroom Design

The Victorian bathroom design is a distinct choice that allows you the ability to incorporate luxurious accents and intricate features like crown moldings, elaborate carvings and palatial items like tufted benches and gilded mirrors. These are stylish ways to alter your home with elegant features that inspire your creative side. Here are some basic victorian bathroom ideas to help you on your design journey.


The Victorian bathroom design calls for darker colors that are heavy and opulent. Jewel tones are perfect for the major features of your design. Deep ruby red and provocative sapphire blue are perfect examples of colors that blend well with this style. Gold accents add a regal, reflective quality to your Victorian bathroom, and simple white or black highlights can make these colors pop.


The heavy lifting in Victorian bathroom ideas is done by the wood and metal features. Dark wood like mahogany, walnut, or oak is perfect for the cabinets, shelves, and chairs in your bathroom. Metal fixtures and accents can be made of dark metals like carbon-based iron or can be made of elegant glinting metals like silver and gold.


Victorian Bathroom Ideas

Here are some Victorian bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Color Blocking with Wallpaper

Intricate wallpaper was used during the Victorian era to add elegance to the decor, and a great Victorian bathroom idea is to do the same while balancing the room with color blocking. Use a wallpaper that you like on the upper half of your bathroom walls and a solid color on the bottom half. Separate the two different aspects of this design with a light-colored crown molding where the wallpaper meets the painted portion of your bathroom. This will create dimension and add contrasting elements to your bathroom.

Clawfoot Tub

One of the best features of a Victorian bathroom is the clawfoot tub. These tubs are a classic and can add a strong dose of Victorian sensibility to your bathroom. Modern clawfoot tubs can be designed to operate as showers as well, making them versatile. A classic white tub will add contrast to any Victorian bathroom design or you can opt-in for a tub that is painted in a darker color to blend in with the heavier features of your bathroom.

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