31 Captivating Living Rooms to Dream About (Photo Gallery)

Where do you head when you have guests over? Chances are, it’s the living room. This is the space that has traditionally been used to entertain and for those who have people over often, it’s the natural place to gather everyone and have them settle in to chat and have a cup of tea or coffee.

When people first step into your living room, what do they see and feel? The space should be inviting and comfortable. While looks are important, comfort is also essential, so choose furniture that lets you relax and be yourself.

If you like to read, incorporate bookshelves into your space. Love art? Display it proudly on specially designed shelves or stack it on the mantel. Your living room should fit what you do best and how you live. Otherwise, it will just become a room that no one uses except when guests come over.

Ready to get started? Check out these amazing living rooms and get inspired.

Captivating Living Room Design Ideas

1. Gray Shag Carpet

Not much is more enjoyable than sinking your toes into a soft, shag rug that matches the decor.

2. Books in a Corner

Books belong in any room and this corner shelf is a great spot to show off your favorites.

3. Equine Art

The large horse painting over the fireplace makes this room feel decidedly horse friendly and invites everyone to come in and enjoy.

4. Tiled Fireplace

Pale green tiles form the fireplace surround for this tiny, wood-paneled living room, adding a bit of coolness to the warm room.

5. Gate Art

A weathered gate hung on the wall makes this room feel more rustic and comfortable.

6. Living Room Bar

Tucked off to the side of this well-lit living room is a little bar area where you can serve your guests wine or a mixed drink.

7. Natural Art

Unique art made from tree roots with a distinctively natural flair take this living room one step closer to nature.

8. Black Sofa

This unique black sofa creates a contrast in the bright, white living room, with white stripes around the cushions to make it really stand out.

9. Peach Walls

Paint your walls peach for a delightful, warm feeling in your small living room.

10. Sponge Painted Walls

Gently mottled walls add a touch of elegance to this beautiful living room, done up in shades of gray.

11. Marble Fireplace

This white marble fireplace brightens up this living room with its gray walls and dark floors.

12. Gray-scale Living Room

Everything from the art on the walls to the sofa and walls in this room are gray-scale, apart from the accent browns.

13. Flower Armchairs

Patterned chairs help make any living room more interesting and break up the monotony of the living room.

14. Trio of Art

This brightly colored trio of art makes this living room really pop, especially against the dark wall.

15. Hanging Mirror

Suspend a round mirror from the ceiling to add a bit more light and a focal point to the space.

16. Sandy Stone Chimney

This light colored chimney brightens the space and adds texture to this living room with its pale walls.

17. Black Door Frames

The huge glass doors shown here really make an impact with pitch black frames that are echoed in the pillows on the sofa.

18.Full Room Curtain Rail

Decide where you want your privacy to come from and slide these fun blue curtains around until they cover the appropriate window.

19. Sheer Black Curtains

The unusual sheer black curtains in this room add some privacy while also making the room feel more stylish.

20. Fireplace Screen

Prevent sparks from landing on the carpet with this beautiful firescreen that simply sits in front of the fireplace.

21. Topiary Accents

Add a touch of greenery to your living room with a collection of beautifully cultivated topiaries.

22. Blue Entertainment Center

Keep technology tucked out of sight inside this blue cabinet until you’re ready for some extra entertainment.

23. Victorian Style Chairs

Beside the modern sofa, these old-fashioned armchairs feel picturesque and beautiful, making the room look more elegant.

24. Conservatory Area

This conservatory section of the living room, with windows all around, makes for a bright area to chat and read in.

25. Flowered Rug

The delicate carpet under these sofas gently picks up the colors from around the room with its flower buds.

26. Dark Beams

This living room features dark furniture and heavy overhead beams to match, as well as darkly stained floors.

27. Country House

The original wood floors in this living room date it severely, but it is still cozy, especially with more wood on the ceiling.

28. Rock Wall and Chimney

Pieces of crudely cut rock create a beautifully textured wall and chimey that invites you to relax in front of the crackling fire.

29. Display Shelves

The varying sizes of these beautiful shelves mean you can enjoy displaying favorite collectibles and books.

30. Dual Skylights

Skylights are great for adding natural light and these two are sunken into each side of the ceiling to provide even more light.

31. Reclaimed Wood Walls

The beautiful walls in this cabin living room are made from used wood, which looks stunning against the country style of this house.

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