31 Eclectic Living Rooms

Now that millennials are taking over, their eclectic tastes are coming to light. More and more this type of style is becoming prominent and being chosen over other classic or contemporary looks.


If you take the time to look through our photo gallery than you can see many different photos of all the ways you can take this style to the max. Eclectic living room designs are all the rage and we hope that you can see why with these photos.

What Makes This Style Great

What really makes an eclectic living room is the dramatic mix of components regardless of time period or texture. Instead of trying to match everything, it is a whirlwind of personal choice and chaotic character.

Of course, like with all interior design, it is still important that the final image comes together into a quiet blend of complacency. This means there are a few things to keep in mind.


Try And Pick A Color Theme For Your Eclectic Living Room

Just because eclectic means many doesn’t mean you can just splash a rainbow of color onto everything. Unless, of course, that is the whole point of the aesthetic. That’s a wild ride of its own though.

Picking a color theme is a great way to make sure you set limits on your eclectic living room ideas. It can be so easy to go over the top and settling on colors gives you a line on what you have to pick from.

For example, if you pick lavender as your color of choice then that is a nice soft and neutral color. This means that accessories and furniture should complement that color, so no daring reds or bright greens.

Using a color wheel is a great way to make sure there aren’t any unexpected clashes.

Stick To Variety- But Be Consistent

Balance is the key aspect of the design of any room, and when it comes to your living room it needs absolute attention. This is because the living room is the centerpiece of your house.

Feel free to indulge with various period pieces or textures, but have more than one of each. Try and keep a couple of each design or color just to help draw a bit of consistency to your madness.

You want your eclectic living room to have a clear sense of purpose so know what mood you are trying to convey.

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