31 Industrial Kitchen Designs and Ideas

An industrial kitchen is a great idea if you live in a city and have to work with those apartments that have a lot of exposed brick. But that isn’t the only time that an industrial kitchen would work well for you.


You see, these types of kitchens focus versatile and easy to manage atmospheres, so it wouldn’t be hard to transform any type of kitchen into an industrial one. Of course, sometimes it can be hard to think up ideas or envision exactly what you are looking for.

That’s why these photo galleries are your best bets for finding the motivation to move forward and the final image you are looking for.

What Matters in Industrial Kitchens

This aesthetic is great when it comes to kitchens because it focuses heavily on the ideas of industrial spaces like warehouses or factories.

Earlier we said that they work best in those exposed brick apartments you can find in big cities, and that’s because half of it is already done for you when  you have high ceiling and brick.

That shouldn’t make you hesitate though if an industrial kitchen is your dream, even in a small suburban home. High ceilings don’t make the designs, hard work does.


The Layout

What really sets apart an industrial kitchen design from other more common kitchen designs is how it is meant to be a part of a wide open space and sticks to being more functional than anything else.

This is not a place to get flashy or try to impress. It should speak volumes that your kitchen works well and is nice looking at its most basic functions.

Industrial kitchen ideas are easy to find because there is plenty of inspiration out there, but usually the focus is on keeping it clean.

How it Looks

The floor is often kept uncovered so you can see its normal cement finish, maybe with a light glossy sheen. Keeping the cabinets a clean wood and leaving pipes exposed can help offset the warmth while still keeping it feeling welcoming instead of cold.

Your kitchen will be easy and unassuming if you keep it updated with the current industrial style and everyone will be impressed with your chic tastes in home design.

Our photo gallery has tons of different designs and ideas that will help inspire you to create the industrial kitchen of your absolute dreams.

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