31 Midcentury Living Room Designs and Ideas

Mid-Century decorating trends began in the 1950’s. Many of these design elements are still used today because of their great aesthetic.


Mid-century living room design incorporates straight lines, gentle curves and a minimalist feel. There are many ways to use these design concepts at home today and transform your living room into a Mid-Century showpiece.

Build your room around a coffee table

When you begin to look for Mid-Century Living Room ideas, start with a great coffee table. In this design ear, the coffee table was often the focal point of the living room. It had an aesthetic that drew the eye in.

Look for a table that features gentle curves and lines. The Mid-Century coffee table was also a functional piece as guests would place drinks on them during social calls.

A particular Mid-Century look is a table with hairpin style legs. These legs are curvy, have nice detail and were inspired by emerging atomic technology. The overall effect is a clean and minimalist table that was functional as well.


Now add a sofa

When planning a Mid-Century Living Room, the sofa is another important design element. When considering a sofa, look for one that is typically low and rectangular. The Mid-Century sofa was not fluffy or overstuffed.

Mid-Century Living Room was influenced by art

It is important to know that Mid-Century design was inspired by modern art. Furniture pieces reflected that by using contrasting textures and clean lines. The overall function of the living room was to be a place for socializing.

Accent with a chair

A good Mid-Century Living Room idea will also feature an accent chair. It is important to pick a chair that reflects the minimalist aesthetic of the time period.

One of the most notable accent chairs in Mid-Century decorating, is the Eames lounge chair. These chairs were typically leather and wood and they featured clean lines. You can use a Mid-Century chair as an anchor piece in your living room.


Other features

Some other great Mid-Century Living Room design ideas include the use of metallic end tables, swing arm wall lamp and knitted floor poufs. Be sure to incorporate the colors of black and white and add a pop of color by using accent pieces in orange, green or leather.

The Mid-Century Living Room reflects the 1950’s-1960’s and mimics the interest in clean lines, modern art and the beginnings of technology.

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