31 Modern Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The simple, clean, straightforward feeling that a modern bathroom design gives you is familiar and welcoming. This style originates from the post-war era where the home became simple and minimalistic. The rule of thumb for modern bathroom designs is to keep it light, keep it uncluttered and keep it balanced.


Finding the perfect elements to highlight in a modern bathroom can be easy. Using mid-century furniture and colors that are cool and blend well together can help keep your bathroom as relaxing or sophisticated as you like. Here is a look at some modern bathroom design elements to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern bathroom ideas are direct and no-nonsense. This design style calls for no frills but rather it basks in sophistication and familiarity. This design calls for all the elements incorporated to tie into each other and support the overall aesthetic. The relaxing, clean design of this bathroom will have you wanting to visit the room just to look at its beauty. Here are some elements of modern bathroom design.


The colors used in modern bathrooms are neutral and common. The use of white, brown, grey and other colors similar to these are perfect for the modern bathroom design. Small pops of color can be added with potted plants and other accessories, but it’s best to stay to the neutral color zone to not detract from the style itself.


Modern bathroom ideas tend to showcase the same materials across the board. This design calls for the heavy use of wood for the floors and cabinets, metal for the accents and highlighted features, clear glass for your showers and windows as well as porcelain for the sink and tub. Keeping it as simple as possible is best for the modern bathroom design.


Modern Bathroom Ideas

Here are some modern bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.


Adding a backsplash that has a simple, repetitive geometric pattern is a perfect modern bathroom idea. This addition can add a touch of character to your modern bathroom design without changing the overall aesthetic of the room. A minimalistic pattern can benefit the space by making it interesting while not making it distracting.


The bathroom is where you spend a lot of time getting ready for your day, and one of the most important parts of a bathroom is the mirror. Adding a floor to ceiling mirror that is framed in modern bathroom materials such as stainless steel or wood can be really eye-catching for your bathroom design. Alternatively, adding mirrors in geometrical shapes such as hexagons, diamonds or squares is a great modern bathroom idea that will add some excitement to your bathroom without compromising style.

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