33 Craftsman Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The craftsman bathroom design came from what is known as the Arts & Crafts era in architectural design. The craftsman bathroom has a rustic allure that is pleasing to the eye and is warm and inviting. This beloved style has been around for a long time, and there are many design principles that are characteristic of the craftsman bathroom idea.


This style coming from the early 1900s is a look back to the days of handcrafted material that predated the industrial revolution and the rise of mass production in factories. The craftsman bathroom design is iconic, personal and beautiful. Here is a look at elements of the craftsman bathroom design.

Craftsman Bathroom Design

There are specific architectural elements to the craftsman bathroom that make the style what it is. These architectural elements include pitched ceilings, multi-paned windows, exposed beams, and strong lines. Here is a look at some of the elements that make the craftsman bathroom idea a great one for your home.


The colors used in the craftsman bathroom are specific. Rustic colors are the biggest players in this design style including muted greens, vibrant blue, rich browns, clay red, and stone grey. These colors combined in the same room create a familiar, warm, inviting environment that makes you feel at home.


Unpainted wood is ideal for a craftsman bathroom design although wood stained to a deeper brown color is beautiful. Unpainted wood allows you to see the various grains and textures of the material, and allows the natural color to vibe with the other aspects of your bathroom. Stone and decorative tile are common in the craftsman bathroom. Stained glass windows are also an often employed characteristic of this style.


Craftsman Bathroom Ideas

Here are some craftsman bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.


Multi-paned stained glass windows with organic designs are often used when brainstorming craftsman bathroom ideas. These features add character and style to the craftsman bathroom. They’re a great way to showcase personal style and they add color to the room while obstructing the view into the bathroom. They’re a perfect addition to a craftsman bathroom that will add sophistication to the room.


Craftsman bathroom design incorporates the use of beautifully decorated tile in different ways. Creating a mosaic pattern on your floor, shower wall or the area surrounding your bathtub is a great way to kick up the style of the craftsman bathroom design while maintaining the elements of the decorated tile. Color blocking certain areas of your bathroom with one color or style of tile and then using another in the same vicinity can also make your bathroom walls or floors pop. Using decorative tile creatively will result in a unique bathroom that is aesthetically pleasing and relaxing to be in.

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