33 Craftsman Living Room

A craftsman style living room is a beautiful and lush design that really brings forth a homey, yet elegant, feeling. This a great way to make your living room a statement piece, and has always been popular up north to help brighten up dim winters.


Our photo gallery has some of the best photos around to help give you inspiration for your craftsman living room design.

Craftsman Living Room Interior

When you are trying to give a deep craftsman appeal to your living room, you tend to focus on wood everything at first. Smooth and shiny wooden plank floors and potentially wood planked walls as well are likely.

The room should feel like it could be a part of a cabin or cottage, somewhere a little set a part from the world but still worldly. Often times they are accessorized with natural colors and textures.

It is quite normal to have part of the room straight from the wall, like a built in book case or shelf over the fireplace. This is because feeling homemade is one of the best parts of craftsman living room ideas.


Keep It Homey

Since the most important part of a craftsman living room is feeling classic, often people like to accessorize with antiques or handmade items. This can include anything from furniture to area rugs that help keep the room warm and snug.

Craftsman living rooms often have wood trim at least to correspond with the wood floor and leave room for pops of color throughout. Natural colors are usually a great choice of background, but once you decide what you centerpiece is it is okay to go a little bright.

Usually wide windows accompany a craftsman living room, but it’s not a requirement. It just helps keep a wide and open look to it. Just as cozy it can have closed off curtains and a nice chair by the fireplace. It just depends on what you’re going for.

Options Are There

Another way to incorporate the craftsman lifestyle into your living room is by bringing in handmade pieces even if you don’t have wood all around. You can even keep it minimalist by using imitation pieces like a glossy ceramic deer head or an electric fireplace.

A plus carpet in neutral colors with a rug laid over it is just one more way to bring craftsman to the future. There are many ways to keep this style up to date and to your liking.

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