33 Marvelous Living Room Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on May 7, 2021

Don’t ever feel boxed in with the way you design your living room. No matter what your spacing options are, you can make a great living room. Whether you have an abundance of natural light or not, you can have a space that shines. Whether you are starting from scratch with a new house or working from an older space, you can find ideas that work for you.

Do you need options? Then you are in luck. These 33 images have more than enough design ideas for you. From the rustic to the contemporary, you will see somethings that work for you. Below you will get to see many uses of fireplaces as well as different ways to make use of natural light. Your living room is waiting for you to make it yours. Let us help you with that.

Marvelous Living Room Design Ideas

1. Pristine Window Seat

Snuggle up on this padded window seat with a book or a friend and enjoy your afternoon in the daylight.

2. Gentle Blue Patterns

The pillows and furniture shown here are delicately designed with colorful fabric in a multitude of patterns.

3. Round Pillar

This living room makes use of its round pillar by mimicking it with two table lamps and painting it the same color as the sofa.

4. Sheer Luxury

From the gilded fireplace to the elegant four piece sofa, nothing says luxury like a room full of specialty pieces and decor.

5. Recessed Art

Display your art in a specially designed nook with lights and a dark background to make it stand out even more.

6. Double Patio Doors

At the far end of this living room, two double doors lead out to the patio, allowing natural light and fresh air to flow in.

7. Concrete Chimney Blocks

While designed from concrete, this chimney offers plenty of texture and visual interest by creating blocks made of concrete.

8. Seat Cushions

Who needs a proper sofa when you have super comfortable cushions to sit on, right by the floor.

9. Bright and Cheerful

The bright, fun colors used throughout this light room indicate that it’s a beach home and keep the mood light and fun.

10. Curved Sofa

Unique furniture designs, like this gently curved sofa make the space more enjoyable and pleasing to the eye.

11. Ring Sculpture

Hanging over the sofa, this unique ring art catches the light and gives a visual impact to the space.

12. Leather Couches

Two simple leather couches face each other in front of a beautiful fireplace, ready to say goodbye.

13. Yellow and Blue

In a space that is almost entirely white, you can create a more interesting look by adding colorful throw pillows.

14. Modern Art Style

This multi-toned hardwood floor is complemented by contemporary designs and artwork for the walls.

15. Cathedral White

With a ceiling reminiscent of a grand cathedral, this space makes great use of white to brighten it up.

16. Wooden Rises

The exposed wooden beams of this steepled ceiling give perfect focus to the warm brick fireplace.

17. Rustic Paradise

This luxurious living room brings warmth and comfort with its complete rustic styles. The huge stone fireplace is the perfect spot to gather around.

18. Reflected Light

These large windows let the natural light shine in and the mirrors reflect it to enhance the effect.

19. Open Entertainment

This comfortable and up-to-date space is the perfect place to gather around and catch up on shows or movies.

20. Timely Elegance

With high a stylish high arched window and elegant decor, this living room brings a sense of an earlier time.

21. Color Splash

You don’t have to stick with black and white. Throw in some color like this space uses to bring life to your living room.

22. Stone Fireplace

When you are not basking in all the light from the many windows, light a fire to snuggle around.

23. Book Space

This unique style for a book shelf complements the design of this contemporary living room.

24. Great Shelf Space

This wide open living room also comes with plenty of shelf space for your books and decor.

25. Sea Designs

This living room will have you thinking of an ocean getaway. Withe the rounded mirror that is like a porthole and beach decor, you will feel like you are on vacation.

26. Gray Balance

With the light shining in from outside, you can see the calm use of grays in this living room. Perfectly balanced, this space is simple and graceful.

27. Warm Designs

This living room makes use of great cultural decor to bring a warm feeling to the space.

28. High Window

Light splashes into this living room that makes use of great color and decor. The high ceiling and large window add to the open feeling.

29. Simply Rustic Style

The exposed wooden beams, the stone floor, and the fireplace all make this rustic living room seem like a warm place to relax.

30. High Beams

Nothing brings great character to a room like having large exposed wooden beams overhead. This living room uses great earth tones to complement the beams.

31. Large Window Bench

Find some time to kick back and relax in the natural light offered here. This large window bench gives you just the space you need to unwind.

32. Modern Patterns

With great contemporary decor used to bring this living room to life, this space is relaxing and warm.

33. Opened Up

In this large space, the living room is the center of attention. With great color usage and an open area to work with, you can enjoy the day here.

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