33 Midcentury Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The Midcentury bathroom design is very trendy and chic making it perfect for any home. This style can be created simply or can be cultivated with complex elements. The midcentury style originated in the post-war era of the 1950s and employs plenty of open space with a simple style and lots of open windows.


This design calls for sleek, futuristic, geometrical shapes and lines that embody the attitude of the era. The iconic elements of the midcentury bathroom design such as the asymmetrical features and spacious rooms can be easily integrated into your bathroom.  Here is a look at elements of the midcentury bathroom design.

Midcentury Bathroom Design

The hope and forward-thinking perspective of the post-war era is reflected in the midcentury bathroom ideas that exist. This design is minimalist and modern, drawing attention to the clean lines and simple graphic patterns that enhance the visual outlay. Here is a look at some of the elements of the midcentury bathroom design to consider for your own home.


The midcentury design is full of warm, inviting colors that can be paired with rustic elements to create balance. The use of white is prevalent in midcentury bathroom design to give a feeling of clean and cool charm. Brown and black can be used for contrast while utilizing colors such as mustard, turquoise or olive for pops of color.


The midcentury bathroom design is perfect for bringing nature into your home. Glass is used for large windows and curtain-less showers that are open and add space to the room. Cabinetry and furniture made of wood or other natural materials can tie in nature and its rustic feeling with modern white porcelain countertops. Metal accents and fixtures in gold and silver colors add flair and emphasis in the midcentury bathroom.


Midcentury Bathroom Ideas

Here are some Midcentury bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Floor Tiles

Adding geometric patterns to your bathroom can create dimension in your midcentury bathroom. Choosing to do so by adding a simple pattern to your floors can make your space more trendy and hip while still maintaining the vintage feel of the post-war era.

Stone Walls

Utilizing nature in midcentury bathroom ideas is a great way to create balance through the entire space. Using stone as a decorative part of your walls can bring in nature to your bathroom. This simple detail can make your bathroom seem luxurious and add some interesting texture to your midcentury bathroom. Consider using stone in your shower area as a way to break up the room and add contrast to the rest of the space.

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