33 Rustic Living Room Designs and Ideas

Rustic style living rooms are trendy and cozy. With a few design elements it is possible to transform your space into an inviting retreat. Rustic living room design borrows elements of nature in creating this oasis. A rustic style living room is for you if you are looking for a relaxed style that will look great for a long time.


Look for nature

One of the biggest Rustic Living Room ideas you can use, will involve nature. Look for wood, stone or brick. These elements can be a floor to ceiling stone wall, a brick fireplace or exposed ceiling beams.

If your living room does not already have any of these features, add them. It is easy enough to add a brick facade to your fireplace or create a stone wall. These need only be on one wall so it creates a bigger impact.


Let the light in

A good rustic living room will have access to lots of natural light. If you have a big bay window or a series of windows, all you need to add is some window treatments. Some great options involve lightweight fabrics, or roll up shades.

If it is possible, let the view outside your window be your wall art.

Layers fabrics

When incorporating Rustic Living Room ideas into your home, be sure you have lots of different fabrics. This is an opportunity to layer different shades and different textures. It will create a very warm and inviting atmosphere.

You should feel free to use thicker fabrics in buffalo plaid patterns, such as black and white or red and black. Pair these with hand knit throw blankets in cream or off-white for the ultimate in comfort.

Wood Elements

This is the perfect place to use oak tables and chairs. A good rustic design looks for a deep rich patina. If you do not have or want to use a wooden table, then a floor is perfect. If you do not have a hard wood floor, no worries. There are plenty of laminate option that look as good as the real thing.

And a braided rug will compliment your rustic living room perfectly. These rugs are available in many different colors and can be mixed and matched to your room.


Don’t forget metal in your Rustic Living Room

When planning out your Rustic Living Room, don’t forget metal touches. A black forged lamp or a wrought iron firewood holder can be the element that ties it all together.

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