33 Tropical Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The tropical bathroom design is a fun and cheerful one that is great for any home. The elements of this breezy, airy style are simple and can be easily implemented in your home without having to do a major overhaul of your current features. Tropical bathroom designs are meant to be relaxing and are bound to make you feel like you’re on vacation.


The summery tropical bathroom ideas available are endless and there are plenty of stylish elements that range from traditional to contemporary that you can utilize. Here are some awesome ideas for a tropical bathroom.

Tropical Bathroom Design

Tropical bathroom ideas range from bright, vibrant and bold to subtle, simple and airy. Choosing which direction to go in may be the hardest part, but no matter your choice, a tropical bathroom design will leave the space feeling tranquil and cheerful. Here are some basic aspects of tropical bathroom designs.


Neutral and natural earth tones are great as a basis for your tropical bathroom ideas. Incorporating tropical colors the add bright pops of visually stimulating charm can liven up your tropical bathroom with ease.

Vibrant green colors that remind you of palm trees and sunny yellows that remind you of a day at the beach are excellent additions to your color palette. Ocean blue hues provide a calming quality that is great for accent walls and accessories. All you have to think of is a warm, summery day and the colors that remind you of tropical islands and you’ll be well on your way.


The materials for your bathroom can be natural or man-made. Colored glass for your light fixtures or sinks are beautiful touches that can spark intrigue. Wicker, Rattan or bamboo for your wastebasket or cabinets can easily set a tropical mood. Dark, exotic wood is perfect for sturdy shelves or wall panels. Stone tubs are beautiful and can become the centerpiece to your bathroom.


Tropical Bathroom Ideas

Here are some tropical bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.


Having a lot of bright, natural light in your tropical bathroom can make the room feel bigger. Having a semi-transparent window will make this possible while allowing privacy. Being that lots of light is a staple element of a tropical bathroom, choosing light fixtures that can maintain bright bulbs to illuminate the space will keep the tropical feeling going all day and night.


A perfect way to make your bathroom as tropical as possible is to add plenty of greenery and plants. Exotic plants like orchids or large tropical house plants that require little maintenance are excellent additions to a tropical bathroom. These plants will add pops of color and bring nature into the space, giving it a true summery feel.

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