35 Shabby-chic Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The gentle feminine charm of a shabby-chic style bathroom design is perfect for a home that aims to be cute and kitschy while remaining accessible and charming. This style is characterized by a balance between rugged rustic elements and antique glamour that makes this a playful way to spruce up your bathroom.


There are a lot of ways to bring shabby-chic bathroom ideas together to produce a balance between the two differing aspects of this design style. Choosing between more antiquated elements and modern ones that ground you in this era is simple with the use of functional appliances and happy colors. Here is a look into the shabby-chic bathroom style and how you can recreate it in your home.

Shabby-chic style Bathroom Design

The worn-in elegance of the shabby-chic style bathroom design is brought forth by the use of texture, color and natural materials. The accents for this design can be rusty, antique, scruffy but when paired with more modern features and enticing colors, the shabby-chic style bathroom ideas that you’ve cultivated come together to feel homey and elegant all at once. Heres a look at some elements of the shabby-chic style bathroom design to consider for your home.


White is often seen in bathrooms because it comes off as super clean but the shabby-chic style bathroom ideas that are floating around suggest to trade the stark white colors used in traditional bathrooms for cream colors. Accentuating colors like baby pink, muted yellow and light blue are excellent for adding pops of color that aren’t distracting. Contrast for the shabby-chic style bathroom design can be simple and cute which is pleasing to the eye. Try to use pastel colors to play up this style.


The shabby-chic style bathroom calls for the use of distressed wood, natural stone like granite, and vintage metal accents. This style is meant to be mixed and matched in terms of decor, therefore it is acceptable to use newer looking items such as soap dishes or ornate frames for artwork while using antique items like thrift store bought stools or shelving.


Shabby-chic style Bathroom Ideas

Here are some shabby-chic style bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Flowers and Frills

Because the shabby-chic style bathroom is an eclectic way to combine the old and new while maintaining a feminine energy, it is a great idea to use flowers and frills or lace in your bathroom. Setting out towels with flower patterns or small potpourri dishes that add color to the atmosphere is a classy way to add hints of femininity. The use of lace and frills can make the space more elegant as well. Consider adding a decorative curtain to a bathroom window or an embroidered seat cover for your toilet. Simple touches can go a long way with the shabby-chic style bathroom.

Ornate Mirror

Placing an ornate mirror over your sink with a gold or silver frame can make the room come together in a fabulous way. A local antique shop or thrift store can lead you to an array of beautiful affordable mirrors. Simplicity in this design style is key, but adding an ornate touch can boost the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

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