35 Shabby Chic Living Room Designs and Ideas

There is a certain romantic element involved with a Shabby Chic Living Room. This design style is characterized by a laid-back, carefree vibe. A Shabby Chic Living Room design will embrace a mix of fabrics and old and new furniture.


The key to a beautifully designed Shabby Chic Living Room is how the old and new are blended together. Done correctly, the pieces and decor will look well-worn and well loved, invoking a sense of romance.

Start with a color scheme

Most shabby chic designs are built around the color white. White or off-white should be the base color of your living room. Paint your walls white, or shades of white. Be careful not to choose a stark white. Once you have that established, you can add in little bits of pink and rose.

Light pink and lavender are also colors that are seen with shabby chic. These colors can be added through furniture, fabrics, trims and accessories. The key is to keep the colors muted and soft.


Shabby Chic Living Room furniture

Now you can start to add in furniture pieces for a romantic feel. Look for white, overstuffed couches and loveseats. If you can find pieces that are trimmed with bits of lace or crystals, that is great! You can never have too much in the shabby chic style.

If the furniture pieces you decide on, do not have these extra romantic touches, feel free to add them on! A great place to look for shabby chic furniture is at flea markets or estate sales. If you need to, a visit to your local craft store can load you up on lace and trimmings to put on by yourself.

It’s ok to be distressed

The idea behind a Shabby Chic Living Room idea is the sense of romance and country. To achieve this feel, you need to find some gently used furniture. You do not need perfect condition here. If you are not able to find exactly what you are looking for, you can distress and “age” the wood on furniture you have by yourself.

There are several techniques that can be used to gently distress wood. And then you can paint over it with your cream or off-white color.

It’s coming up roses

The finishing touch to a Shabby Chic Living Room, is the roses. Curtains with tiny rose sprays on them, a crystal candle holder surrounded by a rose wreath, a pink throw blanket and a vase of roses all complete the look.

A Shabby Chic Living Room is a wonderfully feminine, romantic and relaxing room.

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