36 Mediterranean Living Room

A Mediterranean style living room has a broad range when it comes to design. Ultimately it depends on what you want, whether it’s form over function or something else. Mediterranean living room designs have the chance to utterly dazzle with their sophistication and class.


Our photo gallery has many different living room designs to inspire you and get you excited to work with this style. Hopefully there will be inspiration there for you to work with.

Keeping It Classy

This design style really lends itself to a heavy handed look. It is meant to be open and clean and really work well for a warm area. This means you can bring a bit of the Mediterranean to your house with these designs.

Often burnished style fittings are what are used in this type of living room. So you would have darkened metal lamps or furniture to help keep it a little old fashioned and formal.

Classy comfort is all the rage when it comes to Mediterranean living room ideas, so wide backed chairs and long, low couches tie the room together.


Mediterranean Living Room Furniture Ideas

Obviously the low couches were mentioned, so low tables would fit right along in with this. Metal is a great way to focus more on the style of the room than the individual pieces and keeps it night and clean looking.

Flowing linen curtains add another bit of delicacy to the look overall, though it’s not a requirement. Colors are meant to be a bit more neutral and easy to the eye. The room should feel relaxing and homey so that everyone feels welcome the moment they walk in.

Marble or glass is another great way to add sophistication to the room, though not too much of it so it doesn’t look flashy. Incorporating it seamlessly into what you have can really make a difference. Even a mirror on the wall can look clear and help open up the room.

It’s Okay To Change It Up

It isn’t uncommon to see dark wood paired with smooth olive colors either. Richness is valued in texture and variety is indeed the spice of life.

Wall paintings can help fill up space if there aren’t a lot of windows, and paired with antique furniture and a plush setting they can help lift the mood of the room.

Mediterranean living rooms are a breath of fresh air, so give them a chance when it comes to your designs.

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