37 Wood Tone Living Room Designs and Ideas

Using the right wood tone living room designs can help make your space stand out. It can be tricky using decorating around wood, so it helps to have some wood tone living room ideas before starting. Wood decor can be warm and inviting and stylish if done correctly. Follow a few simple design ideas when planning a wood tone living room and your space will be incredible.


The first step

The first step in planning a wood tone living room is to select your focal piece. This piece will be your statement piece, the main attraction in the room. It can be an heirloom piece, such as a buffet, desk, or chair.

Once you selected a piece for your focal point, you can design around it. Make sure that the other design elements you use do not clash or overpower the piece.


Decide on a main wood color

Picking your focal point piece can also help you to establish your main wood color. This is the color you will want to pick up in smaller wood pieces throughout your living room. It is preferable to mix and match wood colors. Too much of the same color will only make your living room “flat”.

Balance your space

After you have decided on different wood tones to use, you need to pick up different wood textures as well. Using a combination of tones and textures will add dimension to your room. This design strategy will also help give a feeling of warmth to your living room.

Choose your flooring wisely

When using wood tones in your decor scheme. It is crucial that you pick a contrasting floor. Your wood floor needs to be a different tone and texture than your focal point piece.

Using a contrasting wood floor will give your living room much needed dimension. This design aspect is important for showcasing your focal point and helps to define the space.


Use accent pieces for impact

When you are considering wood tone living room ideas, you need to remember accessories. This is a necessary design element that will help not only soften the wood, but it will create a common tie in the room.

You can choose fabric accent pieces in colors that contrast with your wood for impact. You can also pick accent pieces in complementary colors that will blend the wood tones together.

The use of wood and fabric together can create a very organic space.

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