39 Farmhouse Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The farmhouse bathroom design is rustic, warm, and inviting. This style is reminiscent of the countryside and its homely feel. This style can add a bit of country flair to your bathroom and make it as exciting to enter as any other part of your home.


This retro style has an old-style flavor that is functional and perfect for any home that wants a spruced up restroom space. Today, you can have a rustic, homestead style bathroom and still have all of the modern elements of a contemporary bathroom that function seamlessly. Here is a look at some farmhouse bathroom ideas to help you cultivate a personal design.

Farmhouse Bathroom Design

The farmhouse bathroom design is bright and open, making you feel like you have all the space and time in the world you need to unwind and relax. All of the colors and materials used in farmhouse bathroom ideas come together to create a clean, comfortable environment for you or your guests. Here is a look at some elements of farmhouse bathroom design to help you decide on what you’d like to include in yours.


Farmhouse bathroom ideas can come in many forms, but the colors used to develop this style are all familiar. The farmhouse bathroom uses neutral colors like cream and beige as well as all of the rustic tones we associate with the countryside. Rich brown, rusty red, slate grey, muted blue, mustard yellow, and forest green are all in the farmhouse bathroom color palette and can be used with white or black for dramatic contrast.


The farmhouse bathroom design calls for the use of natural materials or those which resemble natural materials. These can include materials such as exposed wood and brick, decorative textured floor tiles in earth tones, granite or porcelain countertops that accent the colors in the room, or tin for your sinks that look like an old school washbasin. If you can find it on a farm, chances are the material will be suitable for your farmhouse bathroom design.


Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Here are some farmhouse bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles for your floors or a backsplash is a perfect way to delineate from the use of too much wood in your farmhouse bathroom. Adding some simple geometric patterned tiles to your bathroom in a neutral color will help break up the bathroom areas and add a bit more character to the room.


Making the lighting in your farmhouse bathroom warm and inviting can create a relaxing ambiance. Using lightbulbs that do not give off light that is too bright or jarring can help control the mood in the room.

Depending on what type of lighting fixtures you’d like to have in your bathroom, your lightbulb can make all the difference in how the atmosphere is created. Try a few jar shaped lighting fixtures with low wattage bulbs for an orange glow that feels like home.

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