39 Rustic Bathroom Designs and Ideas

Rustic bathroom design calls for a warm, comfortable, inviting atmosphere that is relaxing. This country-chic style is perfect for any home, whether it is set in the countryside or in the middle of a bustling city. This style embodies the energy of a traditional farm home, using natural elements to bring nature through your door.


Rustic bathroom ideas can range from the large features like your shower or sink to the small accentuating details like your light fixtures or toiletries. The beautiful aspect of the rustic bathroom design is that it doesn’t take an extravagant amount of overhaul to produce the effect of a homey, comfortable space. Here is a look at some of the design elements associated with the rustic bathroom design.

Rustic Bathroom Design

The rustic bathroom design can appear rugged and natural but it also gives off an air of a carefully crafted and cultivated space. This style is chic yet it mostly incorporates the kinds of materials you’d find on a farm far away from the fast paced life of urban areas. Here are some elements of this design to help you decide between rustic bathroom ideas.


The rustic bathroom doesn’t call for wild, eccentric colors. Instead, it calls for the rich brown of weathered wood, light airy cornflower blue, and modest simple sunflower yellow. Contrasted against black and white features, these colors are perfect for cultivating a rustic bathroom. Keeping the color palette within the confines of colors you’d find in nature is perfect for the rustic bathroom design.


When you’re looking through rustic bathroom ideas, you’ll find that the materials are simple. Wood is a central focus of this design and can be used for everything including your cabinets, shelves or mirror frame. A simple white bathroom can become a rustic oasis with the use of wood. Stone can be used for your countertops or bathroom tiles inside your shower or on your bathroom floors. Metal elements can be added by using pipes decoratively for your fixtures and as accents for your sink area.


Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Here are some rustic bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.


A great rustic bathroom idea that will add some texture to your space is the use of a decorative backsplash. Although you can find fancy tiles that can be bright and eye-catching, a simple backsplash detail made of natural colored stone is better for this style. Smaller pieces that create a cobblestone look on your wall will make your bathroom pop but in a subtle manner that plays into the overall design.

Wood Grain

Use different wood grains and colors to add diversity in your textural elements. Paneled walls made of one type of wood that has been stained can be matched with a rough, unfinished wood grain for you countertops. There is room to play around and use different versions of the same material to create an interesting and distinctly rustic space.

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