40 Beach Style Living Rooms

Beach Style Living Rooms

You don’t have to live on the coast to want a beach style living room. This form of design has been crossing all across the land regardless of whether or not the beach is nearby.


It can add a nice, strong sense of the beach in homes that have never actually known the sounds of ocean waves.

Take a look through the stunning photos in our gallery to get a sense of what points you’d like to take from beach style living room designs.


Color Choices Kept Minimum

The best point to take from a beach style living room is that it is meant to feel quite casual while still having a strong sense of cozy. Imagine you’ve come in from the cool windy waves and you want to settle in style and comfort. That’s the point of beach style living room ideas.

White is the main color to work around in this living room. White or off-white are the casual lover’s dream and is easy to match up to in any way you please. This makes giving a personal touch to the beach style living room very easy.

The idea is to keep everything looking sun-bleached and natural, as if the room has been exposed to nature’s whims. Soft oceanic blues and beachy reds are a great way to incorporate this.

Accessorizing Your Beach Style Living Room

To the casual observer a beach style living room has a bit of a nautical theme. That’s not too far from the truth, but it’s meant more to be casual and natural. Stringing a bit of net across the wall with shells or starfish is a great way to do this.

Another is to accessorize with an anchor or even a few other fishy items. Burlap tapestries are common and so are lovely ocean wave paintings.

Easy Furniture Choices

Mixing comfort and casual is very easy. Incorporate wooden furniture painted in nice muted pastel shades. Imperfection is only to be encouraged, because to be living the beach style you need to not care about nature’s marks.

Driftwood end tables or salt-stained metal pieces are great accents to the décor of the room. You can use textured fabric like canvas or burlap to drape over them and keep the room both comfortable and classic.

There are many different ways to let your love of the beach show in your beach style living room design.

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