41 Modern Living Rooms

There is an easy appeal when it comes to modern style living rooms. This is because they are easy to design and keep clean, and can add a good flow to your house. Ultimately, modern style living rooms are the epitome of well-kept and cool.


If you want to give elegance to your home, then click through our photo gallery. There should be many different ideas and inspiration for you to take hold of as you design the perfect modern living room.

The Idea Behind Modern Living Rooms

Rich simplicity is of the utmost importance when it comes to your modern living room designs. Gone are the days where opulence and clutter are what mark wealth, now it’s about having space and allowing yourself not to fill it up with a useless menagerie.

Modern living room ideas are easy picture in your head and execute. Using shiny wood, glass, and metal is a great way to keep it classy and clean. Sharp lines and solid colors really bring the picture together.


Furniture To Set The Tone

Boxy, simplistic furniture is a hallmark of the modern living room. Simple lines really make their point, and people often love using open aired bookshelves. These resemble ladders and leave walls more open to see, keeping the room from feeling cluttered.

Simple round end tables with spindly legs in wood or metal can provide a nice place to hold items without taking up too much space. Upholstered furniture brings comfort to the room while you can balance it out with a wood or glass coffee table.

These pieces should all be of quality material to emphasize the richness of the room. Solid colors like dark blue or charcoal grey are great because they can keep their bold attitudes through wear and tear.

Keep It Appealing

There’s no reason to think that a modern living room can’t be cozy and warm. The idea that it needs to be cold and look unlived in isn’t true. It just needs to appear sharp in personality and strong in choice.

All selections can still add warmth and feeling to your home. This can help when you pick your colors to work with. Obviously more royal and dark colors are common, but you can incorporate softer greys or yellows easily to add light to the shadows.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what vibe you desire from your modern living room.

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