41 Transitional Bathroom Designs and Ideas

The transitional bathroom design plays with the principles of traditional and contemporary design. The transitional kitchen is eclectic and full of visually stimulating color and texture. The transitional bathroom ideas that are around today make it so that your final bathroom design is unique and intriguing.


The ability to play with the principles of the transitional bathroom design means that the feel of your bathroom can lean towards the masculine or feminine depending on your preferences. There is room to play around with different aesthetics that can be balanced between the distinct tastes of different members of your home. Here are some transitional bathroom design ideas to help you cultivate your own.

Transitional Bathroom Design

The capacity to unify different tastes makes the transitional bathroom design a preferred one for many homes. There are defining basic elements to transitional bathroom ideas but they are easy to accomplish which leaves a lot of room for creativity. Here are some basic ideas to keep in mind when developing your transitional bathroom ideas.


Neutral colors are king when it comes to the transitional style. A wider palette that incorporates your favorite colors is possible with the transitional bathroom design but the best way to meet this desire is by starting simple. White, black, silver and earth tones are characteristic of the transitional bathroom. Adding in other colors is simple with this beginning palette but you should consider keeping those additions minimal to not detract from the simplicity of this style.


Transitional bathrooms are perfect for the combined use of natural and man-made materials. Your bathroom can include natural wood, metal or stone throughout the design or man-made materials such as colored plastic and synthetic stone or wood. Mixing and matching these materials are also an option and can help create an interesting mesh of ideas that come together seamlessly.


Transitional Bathroom Ideas

Here are some transitional bathroom ideas to incorporate into your design when remodeling your home.

Textured Wall Tile Pattern

Focusing on the areas near the major features of your bathroom such as your shower, sink, toilet and cabinets first can help you create a connected combination of elements that blend well together. Choosing a simple tile pattern for the walls behind these areas can establish visual dominance. This will help draw the eye to these areas individually for their unique aspects while tying them together by using tile pattern as the roots of the design.

Mixed Accents and Features

A great way to pull the transitional style together is by incorporating small features and accents from other styles of interior design. Use rustic wooden accents on an industrial metal shelf or accentuate your bathroom mirror with a gilded Victorian frame. Picking no more than three different styles to pull transitional bathroom ideas from is a great way to feature your favorite parts of different interior design styles.

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